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2box mkII kit still in the box !

Started by Pascaldc, December 19, 2011, 09:29:15 PM

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i'm from Canada and i Have a still in the box 2box drum kit to sell
i'm asking 2700 canadian dollars wich is around 2600 usd


VERY interested. Standard 5-piece, or the one with 6 pads and three cymbals plus hi hat? I'm also curious to know two things: 1. Why are you selling it, and will the factory warranty still apply? 2. Can you provide any pictures of the box, etc.?



Sorry for the late reply... there is some delay in the shipping. I can answer some of ur question tough. Its the standard five piece. Yes the warranty still apply, and as soon as i can i'll post pictures of it. As for why i'm selling int, well someone cancelled is order.