Author Topic: sennheiser hd201 bluetack mod to made headphones louder (and better)  (Read 3745 times)


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first of all a big thank you to the guys of the head fi forums that inspired me to do this mod. they had many mods for many headphones, so i  just improvised like mcguiver did hehehe

as you all know, sennheiser hd201 are pretty cheap and mediocre headphones (they are fine for their value but nothing more). when plugged to 2box drums, they are very silent. even when you turn the volume to the highest degree, they still arent loud enough. not very clear as well.

what i did is very very easy and can be done in literally 3 minutes.
what i did is, i removed the capssimply by pulling them. easy as said.
then i saw, that the plastic that hides thedrivers underneath, had some holes. the centrer circle with many small holes and some others that were not holes, they were "lines". all is did was to cover all holes(lines) with blue tack. all of them apart from the center holes. and voila, sound was much much much more loud and clearer.
i am not the most experienced guy conderning frequencies etc. all i know is you have now loudness and more bass. this trick doesnt do magic. but for me they made some cheap headphones sound very very good. i guess they wont be compared to 200 dollar headphones, but it is a very cheap sollution. in a few days i will get the pc360 headphones, so i will update this with comparison!!!

pictures of the mod follow. take care