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My wishes/future fixes
« on: November 06, 2011, 04:24:45 AM »
Hey all, this is my first post, just bought a 2box Drumit 5 mk2 here in Canada from what seems to be the only distributer in North America - I have the kit all set up and it's incredible.

I have a lot of experience in playing other e-kits including custom Alesis kits and Roland kits. Hands down this is the best kit I've ever played. I have a few notes that would be awesome if they were addressed in the next release (By the way I'm 5 foot 11 inches tall and 180 pounds so that you know I'm not really tall or really short and that my size shouldn't be the reasons for any of the following):

The kick drum placement is the only part of the kit that I'm disappointed with as it can only stay where ever the bottom horizontal bar is. The biggest improvement for this kit in my opinion would be to add a "front to back" bar that can be adjusted so that the bass drum kick pad can be positioned close to or far from the bottom horizontal bar. (needs to be able to be positioned closer to the person playing if needed.) I will probably customize my own thing to get it closer because it doesn't work for me. I can't get a comfortable position that works with my playing style.

The "L" shaped attachment bars that connect the rack to the toms are very "wobbly", they bend around when playing and cause the entire kit to shake as they gain momentum from playing. I had to loosen the middle tom's mesh skin because it was false triggering because of how bad the shake was. (That tom is the furthest extended on the "L" shaped bar on my kit) Unfortunately, I wish the mesh skin was tighter, but I can't make it tighter because of false triggering.

As many outputs as there are inputs would be perfect. So that when connected to a multi channel mixer, you would have complete control over the mix when recording drums as if it were a real mic'd kit. OR being able to send multiple outs through a firewire cable instead of having to make multiple outputs, the firewire cable would handle all of the inputs and send them to your computer directly for you to record. (like midi, only it will keep the feel of playing because it would be exactly like recording it the way of multiple 1/4" cables, however it will be all done directly to the computer with one firewire cable or USB 3.0 cable. In protools or cubase or whichever program you are using, you could select each drum individually and assign it to it's own track so if you have 12 outs going through the firewire, each of the 12 can be selected in send to 12 individual tracks as if it were a real kit being mic'd with 12 mics.

The hi-hat stand should be able to stand by itself like a real kit (and like the current snare drum stand) as I'd prefer the side rack/leg to be positioned further away than it is, but because the hi-hat stand is attached I need it closer so that the hi-hat is in a comfortable place.

Just like all acoustic kits, the snare stand seems to always get in the way of the bar going across on the double kicker pedals... Maybe the snare stand on the 2box's next release could have some sort of base that can allow the double kicker bar to fit easier??

I'm not sure if it's possible, but I've tried and couldn't get this to work - the ability to add songs to the "song" folder inside the 2box brain module. I've deleted all the factory songs and attempted to add my own with no luck. First I tried to just add them as .mp3, didn't work - Then I tried to convert them to .wav files and they showed up in the brain, but when I click play, nothing happens... so close!

The top of the bass pad drum shakes a lot when playing, (about an inch or so front to back). It would be nice if there was a bar that came down from the top horizontal bar that attached to the top of the bass drum pad to stabilize it.

A "quick-release" system for all the attachments would be incredible - instead of having to use the drum key to tighten/loosen everything. A simple lever that can be pushed and locked into place and then pulled open to release. This would make packing the kit up to bring it to shows super easy.

The kit should be able to be fully setup via the computer when connected with the USB cable or a firewire cable. This way it would be easy to navigate and set up the kit if for example you had the computer in the same room or a laptop beside you. Larger screen of the computer would make setting it up much easier. (basically exactly how the 2box software editor is setup for sound editing) - "Setup software" would be a lot easier than going through all the abbreviated text menus on the small screen. - not to mention it would skip trying to figure out and memorize all the buttons/ dials that aren't labeled because they have multiple functions.

Sorry if anything was repetitive.. :)

And if 2box is reading this - please feel free to use any of the opinions/suggestions that I've said in future releases. I'd like to see your company come out on top! You give high quality products and reasonable prices!


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