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2Box Cymbals for sale

Started by ezzviah, October 27, 2011, 08:48:32 PM

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I'm selling 2 of my 2Box cymbals (I have 4 of them). Reason for selling is that for recording I use real cymbals. For practice my remaining 2 cymbals are fine.

The cymbal arm, cable and rack clamp mount are included in the selling of the cymbals. You'll get the cymbals in the original boxes. I have them about 6 months now and they are in excellent shape.

1 for E150,- each
2 for E275,-

Shipping from The Netherlands basically worldwide. Shipping costs; depends on where you live.


Ok.... I'm offering free shipping if you buy both cymbals for 250,- for the following countries:

België, Luxemburg, Denemarken (excl. Faeröer Eilanden en Groenland), Duitsland, Frankrijk (incl. Corsica en Monaco), Italië (excl. San Marino en Vaticaanstad), Oostenrijk, Spanje (incl. Balearen, excl. Canarische eilanden), Verenigd Koninkrijk (excl. Gibraltar en Kanaaleilanden), Zweden