anyone gone to turkey to buy acoustic cymbals?

Started by BURNIN AMBITION, September 25, 2011, 02:52:42 PM

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i will go to instabul at some point this year. many brands there
instabul bosphorus  turkish masterwork
will go in the factory of the latter. hopefully i will get many cymbals very cheap. it is aid they will cost at one third of the price in stores.... any opinions ideas  info etc?
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Hey B.A.

Come down with your Gear Aquisition Syndrom ! 

Now I understand why the whole European community have to pay for the Greek debts ....!

:animal: ....Just kidding

  My advice for cymbals , is to buy some regular 14" 15" 16" ISTAMBUL thin crash .... mine (a 14")had a green label and sounded awesome .... I dont know if they are still produced with the green label ...

now "she" is dead , but has a second life as my DIY ride for 2BOX ....  and as they are thin ,you can bring more with you in the plane ... They are more fragile too, but if you buy them cheap ....

   Another reason to chose thin cymbals , is that because they go well with the playing style of an e-kit ...  you dont have to hit them so hard to get a WOOOSHH like crash sound , and IMO , a drummer plays more lightly when playing on e-drums . 

   Also on stage or when playing on a P.A. , "low level" cymbals helps you to maintain a better sound , as you dont have to fight against the cymbals with the loudspeakers....  other musicians will be thankfull too , as harsh "RUDE"cymbal sound is just making the drummer happy ...

I tell you this , according to my musician and sound tech experience , but it s just my point of view...

have a nice trip to Turkey


thanx for the answer mate

well, usually thin cymbals have a more dark and dry  sound, i like em more bright. the thicker the cymbal the more high frequency it produced. since i am a rock-metal guy, id rather have some medium thickness in my cymbals
have listened to many brands, instabul turkish and masterwork, have some great cymbals, but i will have to check em out really carefully. i will go with minimum clothes there so that i can fill everything in my suitcase. then my buddy from ny will get me an h2000 and will buy a good snare and i am done!!!!!

i am starting to fall in love with black panther snares btw. anyone have tried any of em?
2box, bengt, deve, digital drummer, Jman, Brian, Manfred thanx for everything

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