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On the official 2box website, support/operating system:
DrumIt 5 Hardware / Re: Cymbals
« Last post by Stoked2 on May 22, 2020, 04:31:24 AM »
With metal cymbals a lot of us are using metal or low volume metal cymbals converted with triggers. Mine have triggers from . Some use Jobeky's already converted. There are a ton out there . I If you are handy you can buy your choice of triggers and cymbals and convert them yourself. Rubber , the new 2 boxMk 2 is compatible with most or if need be there are hi hat conversions sold out there like
DrumIt 3 and DrumIt 5 Software - PC / Mac / Re: Custom dsnd
« Last post by Bennyh on May 21, 2020, 07:10:48 PM »
Thanks Denis, and I should mention the fantastic service from Lustark software.
That process is crying out for a visual editor  ;)
DrumIt 3 and DrumIt 5 Software - PC / Mac / Re: Custom dsnd
« Last post by Lustar on May 21, 2020, 05:58:36 PM »
To make sure the different articulations cut at the same velocity and don't overlap you'll want to use a file, it's a format used by DSoundTool that's supported in SDSE now.

Here's what I would do:
- create a dsnd for each of your three zones (edge, centre, rimshot)
- extract them with DSoundTool (File > Open, File > Split) or DSound Tuner. It will extract the samples and create a file for each zone.
- optional: rename the Edge folder to something like "SNARE1 - Snare ECR"
- in the Edge folder open with Notepad. Remove the velocities you don't need, delete the corresponding .wav files from the folder.
- copy/paste the velocities you want from the other files for the centre and rimshot and move the corresponding samples to the Edge folder.
- use DSoundTool to build the new dsnd (Dsnd > Generate) or copy the new folder in the "SDSE Sounds" folder if you plan to batch convert several snares later.

It's also possible to just check the velocities in each .map file to find the files you need, copy them in a new folder and rename the files so that they are sorted alphabetically in the order you need (edge first then centre then rim).
DrumIt 3 and DrumIt 5 Software - PC / Mac / Custom dsnd
« Last post by Bennyh on May 21, 2020, 02:52:47 PM »
I’m looking for advice on building an expressive snare. I want it to mimic how I would usually
play an acoustic snare, ghost notes near the edge, centre for moderate volume and rimshots for loud backbeat stuff. With rimshot sounds on the rim trigger as I often experience flams between the two zones.  I can live with it if it’s the only way.
I’m starting with a bunch of wav files from Drum Drops. There are about 40 files for each articulation.
I want to build a snare where the head zone has the following articulations, approximately
Quietest third edge hits
Middle third centre hits
Loudest third rimshot

I’ve used Lustark sdse but this doesn’t give enough control, fine for toms and kick.
I’ve used 2box sound editor..I can get somewhere near by trying to select a suitable proportion of each articulation, but they get jumbled up and I’d like a bit more control over what sample goes to each dynamic.
If you could somehow reorder the samples ?
Is there such a tool available? Any advice most welcome
DrumIt 5 Hardware / Re: Cymbals
« Last post by docadiddle2 on May 21, 2020, 09:31:25 AM »
I hadn't considered anything other than rubber TBH Steve but wouldn't rule anything out. Reading around it sounds like Yam 130/5- 150/5 sound great value but unable to do 3 zone which actually I could live with and just use tom rim for bell sounds. Interested to hear all suggestions rubber or otherwise. Really grateful for your help again.
Setup guides and tips / Re: SDX expansions sizes
« Last post by tsss27 on May 21, 2020, 07:17:28 AM »
I am surprised at how small these are, especially Decades -- isn't that like 80 GB in its original form? I know there are many mics so that reduces it too, and it's 16 bit vs 24 bit data...but that still seems tiny to me. How many velocity layers / RR's are actually being converted?
General 2box Drumit 5 forum / Re: Ordering MK2 from Overseas?
« Last post by tsss27 on May 21, 2020, 07:12:50 AM »
Just an update on this. I ended up getting a DI3 with the SD card via Reverb, however I ordered another item from overseas via Thomann. So, if anyone else in the US is thinking about ordering the MK2 or a DI3, you can get it quite a bit cheaper if you order from Thomann even with the shipping. There were no additional fees at all for me.
Where can I find what features are added in each new firmware? Or does this even exist?
General 2box Drumit 5 forum / Re: 2Box Presence in U. S
« Last post by Stoked2 on May 21, 2020, 07:02:08 AM »
Owning the 2 box module and being a member of this forum for a long time ( on my second user name, long story) and Third module( never owned the kit)  I realize a couple of things that hurt 2 box.  One , was the mesh head patent Roland had, Two,  the orange that was what was to be a distinctive color associated with 2 box , to many made it look like a toy, Three, the hi hat and cymbals were a weak point, and 4, and to me the most important, was the lack of marketing and a super poor communication between the distributor , Hoshino, their dealers in the U.S. and the customers or potential customers, There were some O ring  problems,  a poor kick drum mount but nothing astronomical. Nobody knew what 2 Box was because nobody promoted it with a big kick off in the US. I came to realize that that kind of promotion costs a ton of money and being a smaller company, that cost was probably  too tough to absorb! I . love the product . Hope this company makes it. I even by mistake got to speak to Bengt by email, unless it was his staff, and he was super helpful and had a great sense of humor

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