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I converted a cheap pearl snare 14" to electronic using a trigger bar from r-drums and I'must say it's awesome! It triggers perfectly out of the box! just minimal tweaking to make the rim less hot but overall it's pretty good. For those in Europe who are trying to convert their a-kits should give rdrums  a chance. Alan did a small review in the latest dig drum mag and as well.
question for the routing experts, I want to do the following:

Connect a pearl throne thumper to my 2box
Connect a roland PM-03 monitor using both outputs R+L, not only mono. how and where?

which output should I use from the module, and how do I set up the routing so that the throne thumper responds to low frequencies from all the drums but not from the line-in input?

DrumIt 5 Hardware / Using MK2 Kick as 4th Tom
March 03, 2015, 03:56:11 PM
Anyone using a kick as a 4th tom? Since I'm using a roland Kt-10, which works perfectly with the 2box, I wanted to ask that since I can't get a decent volume out of the pad, I set it as a pad10 and pad12 and neither deliver, I've increased the gain with no luck, the only way I could get a decent volume is by using the max1 curve LOL....
Sold, thanks for watching
Hi all, looking for a couple of 2box rack clamps for my recently acquired 2box toms. There's literally none out there...
So, I bought a line 6 mobile in interface for my iPad in order to record my playing into it. Now, I'm using output 1 from the 2box into the line in of the interface using an adaptor. My problem is that I'm getting only a mono channel in my headphones.... (I set garageband to receive stereo) In my 2box I left the out to "MIX". Do I need then another cable from output 2 and then both 1+2 cables into a single iPad cable? Do both cables have to be mono or stereo? or it doesn't matter?
Thanks for any hints.

Deutsch / Frohe Ostern
March 29, 2013, 09:09:15 AM
Frohe Ostern an alle deutschsprechenden 2boxer! :patbat2box:
The Musikmesse starts on the 10th of April, do you guys think there will be some new stuff from 2box for us? I can see new hardware coming and finally the option to get a bigger SD card.... the big T over here in Europe is listing the 2box kit as 'on request' which for me is a good sign ;D

I was there last year and it was impressive, too many things to see, sadly this year I can't make it but eagerly expecting for some 2box surprises this year!

Hi folks,

Everything sold 8) Thanks for watching :animal:
General 2box Drumit 5 forum / No more 2Box for Oz....
January 13, 2012, 10:25:04 PM
I've just read in another forum (starts with V) that the Oz distributor is no longer importing 2boxes :-\
I don't know if it was for low sales or whatever but this is indeed bad news I reckon.
So if you are already the proud owner of a 2box consider yourself lucky and for all who didn't order theirs while it was available well, the only option now is to import it directly from Europe or wait for a new distributor to appear.
And with the distributor out of the picture, I don't know who is going to provide support.... I can imagine the following email:
disgruntled 2boxer: "Hey, my kick is broken or something. I'm in Australia"
2box: I'm sorry to hear that, but you will have to send the kick to your nearest distributor for repair, which in your case is...ehm, let me see New Zealand. :P
EspaƱol / hola
November 22, 2011, 12:20:25 AM
Hola muchachos porque tan calladitos? ::)
Private - for sale / wanted / 2box Orange ball beater
November 14, 2011, 07:04:02 AM
you know what it looks like. $30 + shipping in Australia
Starting another month, first winter day here in Australia 8) I'm asking Where is OS 1.2? :patbat2box:
So, here I am trying to replace the stock 4gb sd card with a genuine transcend class 10 32 gb. I'm using a mac and virtual windows 7 64 bits running on parallels. Some weird stuff happening:

- I didn't format the sdcard the first time I plugged it in to my mac to copy the contents of the stock sdcard
- I just copied everything before I put in the module, everything was fine
- This morning, when trying to transfer some dsnd's from my mac to the module I get the following error: " The         contents of the file you are trying to copy cannot be written or read, error -36"
- I click ok, and the file was copied but it's zero kb...
Starting to panic...
- I read on the forum that maybe the card needs to be formatted, so I downloaded the sdcard formatter recommended by deve loper and fired up windows, put the card and format it.... result: the card is succesfully formated but it's now only 2.2 gb! :o
- I then installed ubuntu to see whether the rest of the space is on a hidden partition somewhere but no.... gparted says it's only 1 partition of 2.2 gb...

-shut down windows 7 and ubuntu.
- Check on the transcend website for the serial number and there it was: "this serial number is genuine"
-Removed and inserted the card on my mac again
- Now, disk utility says the card it's "Apple SDXC reader media" size 32.46! :o with one volume fat32 of 2.2 gb
So I thought I solved the problem, copied some files to the card and deleted them and everything works well again... until I opened the module and replace it....
Now I get a bunch of "fat" and  "No OS" errors....

Can I send the card to Sweden or wherever 2box format them? Because it seems that Mac OS, sdcards formatted in windows and 2box bootloaders and Os don't play well together....

Have a nice weekend everyone :patbat2box:

I have Superior Drummer and BFD Eco. I want to trigger some sounds just to see how it works with the 2box, I know the 2box sounds are great but I want to try VST's as well. ::)

That being said, I plugged the whole rig Midi out 2box>Midi in usb Audio interface>usb audio interface to mac, launched SD2, selected my audio interface under the midi and audio prefs and....Bang....
:o All I could hear was a terrible noise when hitting a pad!
I can see the midi section on BFD Eco and SD2 lighting up when I hit the pad so midi is not the problem..Turned off local control as well. I tried every midi channel in the module from 1 to 16 and still the same...
Any advice? maybe I should change something in the fader or mixer prefs?

I finally manage to assembly my full kit :animal: Thanks to edrum attic for making that possible :rock:
At first play, the sounds are pretty good but as mentioned before my others, the kick just doesn't sound right out of the box, so the first thing I did was to change the curve to max2 :-\
I notice the pads head tension is not tight enough, I didn't find it in the manual neither, so beginners or people new to electronic drums must tension the head evenly! Anyway, here are some pics:

cheers and happy drumming :patbat2box:
Please delete
Hi there,
There's a wicked deal for a 32GB micro SD card on ebay for 1 day only. Can I put this in a SD card adapter and upgrade my module to glorious 32GB?
Anyone has tried?
Since it appears 2box cymbals have vanished from the face of this earth, I'm thinking of getting yamaha cymbals.
Anybody using those either as ride or crash? they are 3 zones so I wonder how the 2box interprets the signal?
I did a search but the posts I found were too old (Jan 2010, NOv 2009) :P
Hi 2boxers,

I used my initiative and contacted Patrick Robin, the maker of the sample library NDK to see whether he could offer a discount for people interested in the library.

Turns out he actually is, so it basically works like this:

- If at least 10 people is interested then we get NDK at $99 (That's a $30 discount)
- If there are more than 10 interested then he could do a further discount (depending on the number of people interested of course)

Timeframe would be initially till the end of this week. So, who is in? I'm in! so we need at least 9 more :rock:
Just express your interest here and we go from there.
P.S. Sorry for the people who already bought it but the discount is not retroactive...