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Yes, those are all good suggestions. I should try running that experiment (sets with or w/o 2nd module).

The scary part though, is that if I'm on a 1 module setup early in the set and I start experiencing problems; I don't have a whole lot of time to correct the problem. It's generally a good chunk in between sets and I would be playing a lot of music before having the time to switch things around. We try to keep the music flowing...

But damn it would be a good idea though...just so I can definitively know if the other stuff made a difference. Thanks man. You've been a help to me.

Final update: I just had a gig on the weekend with the "2 module" solution. Man, what a difference. It was perfect. I was able to play with some enthusiasm and confidence again.  :animal:

Everything behaved as expected, and this was at the place where I mentioned there was a floating stage AND a small area. The subwoofer and bass amp were close by but I didn't experience any of the unusual triggering!!

Now there 2 other little things I did and I won't know now if they also helped because I didn't run into problems. But I just wanted to make sure I had all bases covered, so before this last gig I:

1. Reformatted the SD card with the official SD card format tool (I think Jman mentioned in another thread).
2. I reinstalled a new SD card extender cable. I'm not sure if that would have made a difference, but I just wanted to eliminate any source of problems. My previous one was a little banged up here and there (some minor bending etc)

So like I said...I'm not sure if either of those steps would have made a difference but if I had to guess I would think it was the second module that made the difference.

Thanks again Steve!  :rock:

I totally recommend the 2 module set up.

Thank you Steve! I've taken the leap to start down this path. I am finding it a little freeing to be honest. For starters, I could never quite get the 2box module to treat my VH-11 hi-hats properly (even with all the guides out there). I had them at 85% - 90% where I liked them, but could never quite get it to 100%.

Now I don't have to worry about that. The native Roland module is most likely going to work best with Roland hardware.

My only slight concern is going to be the extra added weight when I am moving this set around. I usually use it at gigs once a month or so.

I haven't tried to move it yet, but when you add in the weight of the 2nd module, a mount for it, and the cabling...I think it's going to add up.

Oh well. Chances are it will still be a small price to pay to avoid this very bothersome issue.  :)

So try to check your settings for all drums.

Good suggestion. Thank you sir!

Thanks for the replies everyone. I have contacted 2box support and I will see what they say.

That is an interesting idea Steve to use a second module. Very interesting. I might give that a go. I might even use the second module for the ride cymbal in addition to the hats. I found I would mostly get this problem when I would use the ride cymbal (more than the hi-hat really).

My last show started off HORRIBLE because of this problem. We moved the bass amp away as best we could and I had to crank the 'mask' setting to maximum on all the pads. That worked (somewhat), but the snare was utterly horrible and non-responsive when the mask setting was cranked like that.

So that's not the complete answer either. Depending on what 2box comes back with I really might have to try 2 different modules. Not ideal, but I'm getting desperate now.

Hi there guys,

I use a Drumit 3 module on Roland TD-25 hardware. I use it to play in a cover band. I've had the module for a year and half now.

Sometimes when I am playing live, I experience weird triggering (especially with the snare). One particular venue has a 'floating' stage. I feel like it might be the small movements of the stage that are screwing me up.

I will hit the snare, but the sound might be on time or late. It makes me sound like I'm playing like crap.

I have fiddled a little with the 'mask' setting a little bit when I was playing live. I think it might have helped a bit. But I didn't want to get too deep into playing with settings while in a live setting. On the other hand, I will only experience the problem when I'm playing live. I don't run into the problem when practicing.

I have also suspected the deep frequencies of our sub woofer or the bass player's amp being too close to my set and they are triggering some of the pads.

Has anybody else experienced something like this?

Thanks for the reply!

Is there any way to request these features for the future? (who would one contact?)

Thank you very much for the reply. So when you say it's out of your hands, I suppose that means we probably can't expect any major firmware upgrades in the near future? (Just curious).

The functionality I need is SO close. The fact that the module can create 2 different signals from an audio file and route them to outputs...that is great.

But in the end I think the solution would be one of these two scenarios:

1. Independent volume control for the song and metronome signal.

2. More than one sub mix ("sub mix1" and "sub mix2").

But I'm not a developer so I have no idea how much work either of those scenarios means.  :)

Hi there guys. I have a Drumit 3 module and I hope somebody can help me. I've done as much research, reading and fiddling with unit as I can, but I just can't figure this out.

I would like to use the "Split Wav" feature so that my module can play a song and send the "song" portion to the mixer and I can still have a click in my headphones.

I've got that figured out just fine, but the problem is that it doesn't seem like you can't adjust the volume of either those signals separately from one another. What I really want is to make the click track louder.

I don't know of any way of doing that, so another solution might be to have only have the click track side of the audio file (the manual calls this the metronome) in the headphones.

With that solution I would be able to hear my drums and the song in my floor monitor. Is there any way I could isolate all other sounds so I could hear ONLY the click in my headphones? (and the drums and song go to the outputs?)

The problem appears to be you can only have one 'sub mix'. I need a sub mix where the drums and the 'song' portion go out to the mixer (easy). But I also need a sub mix that disables everything but the metronome. I feel like if I could have 2 different sub mixes I could accomplish what I was trying to do.

Any help would be much appreciated.

I'm sorry. I should have explained that part better. All of the hardware is from the TD-25. But the module is the Drumit 3.

Great! Thanks. I will get the info I have and update.

General 2Box Drumit 3 Forum / Roland TD25 - Discouraged / Need Help
« on: March 21, 2019, 02:00:59 PM »
Hi there,

I purchased a Drumit 3 module to use with my Roland TD25 hardware back in the fall. I can hold my own with a lot of technical stuff, but I have found the learning curve to be quite high. I primarily use my kit for gigging.

I have got the basics down, but I think I need help with getting the best out of it. I spent a LOT of time trying to figure things out and I got to a certain level and then just sort of stalled in discouragement.

Now I feel like I have to give it another solid try before moving on. Here are my issues:

1. Although it's not a 2box problem, I have been discouraged to find that sounds on my computer (VSTs) are VERY different when using the SDSE tool from Lustark. The end result (playing the sounds on the module) don't seem to resemble the original sound at all.

2. It sounds like there has been lots of threads on the TD25 and the Drumit module, but I was wondering if anybody could speak up and say "I am using the TD25 and here are the parameters I use..."
I know that this is somewhat subjective because of different play styles etc., but I feel like I need to go back to some 'base' settings that work for the TD25 and then tweak from there.

3. If nobody responds to my point #2, perhaps somebody could help me with a more specific problem. When I am playing live, I find that my snare can get 'lost' in the mix of everything. It's almost like the cymbals or all the other sounds take precedence and one snare hit will not really trigger. Then it will come back to normal for the next hits. I know this is probably one setting (and it's probably a basic one), but I just don't know what it is.

4. I got close to figuring this out once, but now I have to revisit this to get it right. I need a dependable snare with a cross-stick sound that triggers properly. How do I do this again? I think it has something to do with having the snare sound at higher velocities, and the cross-stick sound at lower velocities...

Thanks in advance for any input.

EDIT: I suppose I should also add to point #3, that I really like snares that 'crack' when hit. So that is the sound I like going for. Not sure if the settings make a difference when trying to go for that sound

General 2Box Drumit 3 Forum / Re: Hihat 'open' sound when I change kits
« on: October 12, 2018, 04:48:52 PM »
Thanks for the reply! Rats. This is discouraging. I plan on this module being a gig kit. That's not something I want to be thinking of when I'm changing drum kits mid-song.

General 2Box Drumit 3 Forum / Hihat 'open' sound when I change kits
« on: October 12, 2018, 03:55:12 PM »
Hi there,

I consider myself a new drumit 3 module user. I'm using a Roland TD-25 kit with the Drumit 3, so that means I'm using a VH-11 hihat.

I was wondering if anybody else has experienced something similar to what I have. When I change kits, the hihat sound will play like it's open even though I have my foot down on the hihat pedal. After I let it up and press down again, it operates as normal.

I'm not sure if it's an error on my part calibrating it. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

General 2Box Drumit 3 Forum / SOLVED: Mount for the Drumit 3
« on: September 17, 2018, 06:14:09 PM »
Hello everybody,

I am a new drumit 3 module user. I've had the module for a couple of weeks now, and I'm enjoying it despite some of the learning curve (which I was expecting).

My main motivation for purchasing the module, was because I have a Roland TD-25 kit and I was getting tired of the sounds.

One thing I wanted to get a better sense of before my module arrived was "How was I going to mount it?". I couldn't seem to find any good (or recent) information on that topic. Even the forum posts seemed old or not applicable to the drumit 3.

The day it arrived, I took a look at it and saw the 4 screws at the back...but nothing else to assist with mounting it to a rack. I got thinking about fabricating something myself. But then I remembered my Alesis SamplePad Pro, and the special mount I purchased for it. I did some measurements and I figured out that lo and behold...the mount fit the drumit 3 module PERFECTLY. The dimensions were precisely the same!!

So I will share the link to the mount I purchased. I hope it helps other people try to do the same thing I did! Good luck.

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