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Just thought I would post this cause I have spent lots of duckits on several different 32GB SDHC cards for my 2Box module. I started with the Transcend 32GB (Blue One 20MB/S) ... then got an off brand that didn't even work... But my very Favorite is the Sandisk Extreme 32GB (30MB/S) card. I have had noticable improvement using this card.

Probably do to the larger size dsnds I have been filling my module with, I began to hear more noticable latency on the Trancend cards. That started me on a quest to get the very best response  that I can on my new sampled kits.... leeding me to the Extreme card. I have also found that some of my sampled dsnds were overkill, I reduced my splash, China, kick and HH transition dsnds from 99 hit samples to 49 or 33 depending on the instruments (a splash, or kick just doesn't need 99 hits IMO) and the resulting dsnds seem to perform equal but are much smaller.

To be fair, when I first got the Transcend 32GB cards I formatted them in Windows .... later learning that was prolly not the greatest idea. But I did go back and wipe em clean and use the right formatting tool to redo them, so did I hinder those cards' performance, not sure .... but they definitely do not perform equivalent to the faster Sandisk Extreme card. If anyone has a chance to compare the 2 I would be interested to see if your results are the same as I have found.

I also went a step further and bought the Sandisk Extreme Pro 32GB card thinking that since it is the fastest (45MB a second) it might be a noticable difference .... It wasn't, as a matter of fact my Extreme cards boot faster by a few seconds than the Extreme Pro, and I can notice no improvement in performance with the Extreme Pro.  So with both the Extreme and the Extreme Pro cards I experience no noticable latency now.

Thought I would put this info out here. Since I already spent handfulls of cash on this quest, maybe the next guy can save a little from my experience .... J

I've been continuing to revamp my kits in the module. I now have moved the kits I have built/loaded into the module to the first 10 spots. This was recorded on a Kodak Zi8 vid camera, just a stereo line out feed from my mixer run flat, no extra processing, eq, etc. What you hear is basically what I hear when I sit down to play... I still have all the stock sounds in the 2Box module, but these kits have none of the stock module instruments in them ...

I'm normally not one to rave, but for me these are the best drum sounds I have ever experienced from a stand alone Edrum module (Strictly my own opinion based on the modules I have sat behind). I saw a recent Pearl promo boasting about the huge 128MB's or sound .... heck, my HH alone uses that ... My 32GB's of loaded memory actually allows for building a pretty intense drum kit!
Pretty large video as I demoed 10 kits ..... right click and save would probably be easiest especially if you don't have a blazing fast internet connection.... J

General 2box Drumit 5 forum / A few kits I've built so far.
« on: June 06, 2011, 01:07:34 AM »
Building dsnd's can become quite an obsession! None of the drums or cymbals in the WMA linked below are stock sounds from the Drumit Five module. Excuse the crappy performance ... I just fooled around with no real forethought ... :-[ but I wanted to share a few of the kits I've built so far.
1st kit is the BIG vistalite kit I put together this morning.
2. kit with DW toms
3. kit based on the Camco Oaklawn toms
4. Gretsch toms
5. Big sounding kit with GMS toms
6. NDK Bop kit
7. NDK Rock kit

I used various snares I've built dsnds from. HH's, crashes, rides none of em are stock ... there is a couple crashes that sound too loud, those are from the Roland module, I meant to stick to the 2Box crashes, but forgot on a couple hits ... I forgot to adjust the volume (too loud!) .... everything else is in the Drumit Five module.

Some of the dsnd's are HUGE .... I picked up the Sandisk Extreme (Cls 10) 32GB SDHC card and that really does the job .... spendy, but I recommend it ... my module boots to the 1st kit in 10 seconds with that card, 13 seconds with my other brands .... and I hear no clicking or popping or latency problems even with those giant dsnds .... 5 to 10 times the size of the stock dsnds on many of mine.

Here's the WMA:

So this is my results of my efforts of this weekend ... I hadn't really decided what direction this kit was going to take .... then I decided I wanted a Big sounding kit to start with .... so I decided to put together a kit that sounded over the top .... just to see what the 2Box could do with some good samples loaded to make a BIG sounding kit ... I did some quick calculations and this one is about 1.2GB .... that's just the kit in the 2Box ... I have 2 modules, but with the exception of the one small China sound, a Gong sound .... and my Alubell you hear a couple times .... everything else is the new kit in my 2Box module.

The kit plays quite smoothly ... no latency problems to speak of ... you can tell by the vid .... granted the kit plays more smoothly than I do
This is just the sounds taken from my mixer directly into my cheap little Zi8 camcorder... (I run all my direct audio outs from both modules to my mixer) So even without a higher quality recording you can tell ... I'm lovin this one .... Thanks for takin the time to look .....
 A couple links ... the original was about 500MB ... so I reduced the quality for uploading .... In case you don't mind saving to the PC ... I put one up about 145MB ... the other is 72MB .... later, J
 the smaller vid is the first link ...!%20reduced%20Resolution.wmv!%20medium%20I%20think.wmv

General 2box Drumit 5 forum / Video, my 1st NDK kit added.
« on: May 08, 2011, 01:42:39 AM »
A little video demo of the 1st NDK kit I put together in the Drumit Five module...

These are the pads from the kit I bought. I am using my own drums and cymbals now so I do not need the stock pads. These are used but all in excellent condition and working as new. I will ship pretty much worldwide. I will quote shipping, just contact me via PM here or email me:
Here is a folder with the high resolution pictures, 2 of the toms still have the plastic film over the 2Box label, the label is not scratched it is just the film you see:
Both HI Hats are like new condition and work perfect.

All Prices in US Dollars:
2 ea. 14" Cymbals @ $130 ea. Cymbals are GONE!
1 ea. 10" Toms @ $100 ea. ALL Toms Sold
1 ea. 12" Snare @ $120 Snare is SOLD
1 ea. 14" This is perfect for a larger tom! and has the mount for Kick drum. They are sold as Kick or for tom and can be used as either @ $200 Now $160 SOLD
2 ea.  Drumit Five Hi Hats Priced to sell @ $150 ea SOLD.
I also have one Tom mount/rack clamp @ $30 (I will only sell this in combination with one of the toms or snare) TOM MOUNT is Gone

I think even those who do not believe in the death penalty would generally agree spammers gotta go!
Personally I lean toward the death penalty ;) ;D

I bought my Drumit 5 used ... I have made a backup a couple times of the files in the module. There is one file .metadata_never_index  .... there is 0 KB .... seems like it might be a file pertaining to hooking up to a Mac .... but I am not sure ... I assume this is not an essential file ... anyone know? Do all the modules have that file?

General 2box Drumit 5 forum / Good Sounding Closed HH?
« on: March 20, 2011, 02:22:40 AM »
Anyone have favorites out of the Hi Hat sounds that sound good on the closed HH? Not sure if it is just me, but I find a lot of the HH's sound real nice open, especially completely open, but closed HH sounds sound like crap... not crisp and sizzly, but more like a crappy set of garage band hats, metalic stick noise .... I dialed through a bunch of the kits this eve .... I thought the HH in the Balanced Kit .. #74 sounded pretty nice closed, .... but most seemed Harsh to me ... Not music to my ears....

OK .... so I took the easy route on this one. I robbed the jack/PCB from my Drumit Five Hi Hat and used it for my own Hi Hat conversion. Result is I have my 2 zone HH working with my Drumit 5 kit now. I installed a magnet on the bottom of my DW HH stand ... cool stand for this as the chain attaches via a screw/bolt ... so I replaced the standard screw with one an inch longer, inserted a spring magnet and lock nut. Put the D5 jack/PCB in a box, attached that to the stand base, used a stereo splitter to connect the module with the controller and my 2 zone HH cymbal .... The result is as I had hoped ... I have the same function on my own hat now as I had with the 2Box hat. Here are the pics:

Thought I'd throw up a link ... the former unofficial DDrum forum shut down quite a while back ... sometime after Ed from Drumbalaya sold his eDrum store and gave up the forums ... not sure people knew that Sam (otacon 28) a big DDrum fan ... set up a newer unofficial DDrum forum a while back:

I also put a link up to this forum over there ... it is "all in the family" ... so to speak.... ;D

General 2box Drumit 5 forum / Video Demo .... 2Box and Roland at play
« on: March 14, 2011, 01:02:25 AM »
Still have plenty of tweaking to do ... to get my sounds arranged on all my instruments, but I have a pretty good start going. I had planned to split my tom inputs and did.... But I also wanted to get all my toms tweaked and performing well on both head and rim zones before doing the split. I have a few drum kits already converted from A to E ... The Drop in Pan conversion that I was using last on my TD-20X ..... didn't work worth a crap with the Drumit Five.... But my previous style conversion works excellent ... very little tweaking involved.

After the video, I went ahead and split my tom inputs... I now have 5 toms plus 2 more splashes and a China working on the tom inputs.... working wonderfully actually... Nough Said...

here's a quick vid I did of the 2Box and Rollie .... "Getting Along Together"  :o

Sharing drum sounds - wav / aiff / rex / Octobans
« on: March 11, 2011, 07:52:25 AM »
Was wondering .... are any of the toms in the 2Box sounds Octobans... thought maybe the Phillips kit might have a couple?? Or anyone got any Octoban sample ideas?

A friend of mine was raving about the Yamaha PHX drums ... did a little browsing on the net, ran into this vid.... Wow, this has got to be one of the best sounding kits I've ever heard. Great tuning and recording .... Maybe someday, someone will sample this and we'll get something close in our modules .... that's all I'd want for Christmas ;D

General 2box Drumit 5 forum / Is there and edge gain setting for cymbals?
« on: February 24, 2011, 04:49:48 AM »
I couldn't find this specifically in the manual or through my searches... and haven't received my module and pads yet ... wondering how much adjustment is possible between zones as far as trigger parameters..... does the edge zone on crashes/ride have a separate gain control? or threshold setting? ... basically wondering what, if any trigger parameters can be adjusted separately for crashes and ride.

I assume the snare and toms have separate adjustments, especially since you can split those inputs for 2 separate pads if you want .... but the cymbals??

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