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Just thought I would post this. If anyone was looking at adding the Peart Snakes and Arrows kit to their BFD software it is on sale this week for $39. J

I saw this and for those of us that prefer playing a real kit with mesh heads this is a nice announcement. As many of us can attest the Roland mesh heads are incredibly durable and they trigger excellent. I currently have Roland mesh heads that I have used for 10 plus years that still perform as well as they did when they were new. Previously 8, 10, 12, and 14" were the only sizes available ....

I finally took the time to put up a little video demo of my new Stealth internal side mount drum triggers. I am using these with the 2Box drum module on this video, and I have also tested them on other drum modules and they work equally well. Thanks for taking the time to watch. You'll find more info on my website. J

I was interested in BFD Sphere but I couldn't find it at 50% off like the other sale expansion packs on the July sale. Found it today and bought it here:
It is a downloadable product so you can buy it from anywhere.
Thought I would share the link, J

General 2box Drumit 5 forum / Got a facelift on my website
« on: June 22, 2015, 09:03:51 PM »
I've got a pretty extensive skill set with most things Edrum. But not so much with website building. Anyway, I decided to get a bit of a facelift on my site. Nothing spectacular, but I like it better than my old look.

I did a little experimenting this week. After thinking about the extra tight HH sounds that are part of the Roland VH-12, VH-13 performance on the high end modules, I thought I might try something when building a custom 2Box HH dsnd from a VST Hi Hat. I give a quick write up/explanation of what I did at the end of the video. Thanks for taking the time to watch, J

GAS: Gear Acquisition Syndrome (for those unfamiliar with the abbreviation).

This is something I have been afflicted with for many years. It has manifested with electronic drums and accessories, but it is an infectious disease and can spread. VST software was a natural out cropping for me. PA gear when I wasn't even playing out, mixing boards, monitors, Amp gear, stacks of headphones, recording gear, enough spare hardware to build another 3 kits ...... etc., etc. ......

This morning I was thinking about how one might know if they had contracted GAS.

For me here is one example. I own so much Edrum gear it fills half my California room, and I have built an additional storage shelving level in my Garage just to store my additional Edrum gear. I have been playing the drums very little for the last couple years. Mainly I play when testing out new projects or equiptment I am building/developing. And still I have already decided I will buy the latest Drumit Three module when it is available.

Today when I was thinking about whether I had another module mount laying around and whether to check the internet for purchasing a module mount for a module that I do not own ..... a mount for a module that has not even been released ........ well, I thought ...... that just could be GAS ......  ;D

Do you have GAS? Here is your chance to CONFESS! ....... LOL  ;D

OK, now that I got that off my chest I feel better ...... now I think I will go check eBay for that module mount. ;)

After some customers mentioned using my Stealth cymbal triggers in combination with Cymgard cymbal mutes, I decided to test a few out myself. Converting the acoustic cymbals to electronics happens fast. Slip on the Cymgards, peel n stick my triggers to the cymbals, plug n and play. With the full Stealth Cymbal conversion kit I include clear vinyl dampening. This just adds another option to use the Cymgards for muting and my Stealth Cymbal Triggers ala carte. Thanks for taking the time to read, J

Fxpansion has a 1/2 off discount for BFD3 in March. $175 instead of $349. I also received email flyers from various retailers. JRRShop has an additional group buy discount on their site bringing the total down to under $149 ...... J

General 2box Drumit 5 forum / iNSPIREd about 2Box new video
« on: January 26, 2015, 09:21:40 PM »
I also put this up at the vdrums forum. I know I am prolly preaching to the choir here ..... but here ya go.

I was re-inspired about my 2Box open sound source system after visiting winter NAMM this year. Just for fun I decided to put together a kit I call VST Poutpourri. This kit is built using a potpourri of VST quality instruments in a kit spread over my dual 2Box modules. This kit is over 2GB of instruments/sounds played just like you would play any onboard sounds from a electronic drumkit sound module ...... flawlessly (by flawlessly I mean the module/kit definitely Not my playing, LOL) with no latency. Check it out ..... Jman

DrumIt 3 and DrumIt 5 Software - PC / Mac / 2Box OS 1.28
« on: October 12, 2014, 04:37:33 AM »
So if you have a new 2Box kit or module from the US you might have OS Vs. 1.28.
In another thread a new member "Junior" posted about his module and mentioned he had OS Vs. 1.28. That was the first we had heard of a version higher than 1.26. Anyway, Junior is local and stopped by today with his module. I didn't do a real thorough investigation at the time, but I have since loaded the OS and Drumit.Init files and checked them out. The new OS adds the Rubber Head pad type, 3 rubber head choices. So instead of 12 different pad type choices there are 15 total now. And that is the only change I could find, at least dialing through all the Unit choices and Kit pages, everything else seemed to be the same.

So I imagine the latest US kits will come with that OS. But I really wouldn't sweat it one way or the other, because from what I could see ... it is really just a set of pad parameters, a starting point on parameters for the Rubber head pads ...... which can be pretty easily setup manually.

The earliest US modules shipped with OS 1.26 and although there were no pad choices for Rubber Heads, the parameters were already setup for rubber head kits, quite a bit different than the default pad parameters for a mesh head 2Box kit .....

So IMO, if you are running OS Vs 1.26 ..... it's all good! No worries. J

General 2box Drumit 5 forum / Mounting the 2Box module with kit and no rack.
« on: September 06, 2014, 01:28:15 AM »
I just wondered how the 2Boxers are mounting their modules with kits that have no rack? I'm sure there are some of you out there.

One idea I had was to attach the module with a mounting plate like many of us have done
and then using a multi clamp to attach it to a cymbal or tom stand

Anybody already using the module mounted on something besides a drum rack?

As many here already know I build DIY conversion kits for converting acoustic cymbals and drums to electronic cymbals and drums compatible with the 2Box Drumit Five module. I started out doing this for Roland and Alesis sound modules, but after falling in love with the 2Box Drumit Five I have added Stealth Conversion kits that work great with the 2Box module. You will also see my ads for the Stealth 2Box 32GB plug n play conversion kit as well as the Stealth 2Box Hi Hat stand conversion kit in my other Classified ads. So for those that are looking for a nice solution for using the 2Box module with a real acoustic experience just take a look at my site, contact me through there or send me a private message at the forum and I will give you more info and pricing.

My site here:

And here is a demo video of my own kit, everything is Stealth here, converted drums, cymbals, Hi Hat stand, and 32GB card mod with custom VST sounds installed on a Mega dual 2Box module Stealth kit:
Thanks for looking, J

Private - for sale / wanted / Electronic Cowbell Trigger
« on: April 28, 2014, 07:45:40 PM »
Just in case anyone is interested I decided to list my Lectric Moo that I started building in 2005 on eBay. I also try to keep a few of these in stock. I do not list this on eBay with Worldwide shipping, but if you are interested in one of these outside the US or Canada just send me a PM and I can quote shipping. thanks, J

This was announced at NAMM 2014 but it was unclear whether the samples that could be added would allow velocity layering. According to this video and questions in the thread it appears it will have velocity layering capabilities (defined in a software utility). Time will tell just how many layers, how well it performs, etc. It will not have what they call dynamic articulation (which would be similar to the Variable choice in the 2Box module I think).
But if everything were ideal this would mean you could likely record a multi-layer WAV from .... for instance... a VST program .... add pads or triggers and there you go. I could see if you were already running VST kits on your 2Box module adding additional pads using sounds from the same or other VSTs and expanding your setup pretty easily. Worth keeping an eye on it IMO.
Depending on what sample rate/format the samples will be used at, it might even be possible to convert dsnds we have already built to play through it.

I may have to "take one for the team" and test one of these when they are available. Alesis says April. With their track record that could mean this April, 2 years from this April, or ??? .... but we'll see.

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