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I saw this today, great price at pluginboutique:

The original guy that posted this link has made the purchase and it is the Full SD2.0 version.

DrumIt 5 Hardware / US 2Box Power Supply
« on: February 13, 2017, 02:01:09 AM »
I received a new link for a US power supply for the module. A friend of mine (Mike) like me has purchased a few dif. power supplies for the 2Box. This one is 18VAC 1000MA. The recommended 2Box power supply is 18VAC 500MA. However the adapter must have "at least" 500MA. Using the adapter with 1000MA will not damage the module as the module will only use "what it needs". My friend tells me he prefers this adapter because the cord is a little beefier and the thin cord on some of the adapters is where they develop problems. Anyway, here is a link:

General 2box Drumit 5 forum / Stealth Percussion Section 2Box BFD EZX
« on: September 27, 2016, 05:05:45 PM »
I uploaded a video demo of my Stealth Percussion section. I will be getting new equipment to demo in the upcoming months, so I figured I better do it now before I have to move some equipment in/out. This demos my various Stealth percussion instruments with a 2Box module as the brains of the operation. All sounds are played directly from the 2Box module. I used BFD Percussion and EZX Percussion to build many extra percussion sounds loaded into the 2Box. Pardon the noise on the left channel, it was one of those days when the ghost in the system came out ... LOL.

I'm not sure if anyone noticed but the new version 1.05 Drumit Kit/Sound Editor is on the 2Box website for download. I have heard rumors that one of our finest software Guru's here at the forum did work on it .... don't you hate rumors?  ;) .....
All the pad types including the latest are working in this version.

I put together an Artists Kits set for the 2box module. Nothing special, just some kits built from BFD expansions I own with kits in the style of 13 drummers. I used SDSE (of course!). The video goes through the list. J

So, definitely not something I needed ..... but .... I ended up adding another 2Box module to power my E Percussion section .... picked up a used 2Box module, and repainted it Black Metallic, with a new faceplate from Bengt (thanks Bengt!). I loaded up an 8GB SD card with Percussion instruments from BFD Percussion and EZX Percussion and it works/sounds pretty nice.
Module C Face by Jman Stealth, on Flickr
Module C Front angle by Jman Stealth, on Flickr
Module C Right side by Jman Stealth, on Flickr
Module C SD card slot side by Jman Stealth, on Flickr
2Box SPD30 Percussion by Jman Stealth, on Flickr

Several customers have already used my Stealth Cymbal conversion kits for converting the Zildjian L80 low volume cymbals into low volume Ecymbals. Allan (Digital Drummer) also tested one of the dual zone triggers on an L80 Crash (thanks Allan). I ordered a Zildjian LV348 box set last year, but due to the overwhelming response they were out of stock and it took until March for my order to finally arrive. So over the weekend I converted the entire box set and made a step by step video instruction series for converting these cymbals with my triggers. This video shows the performance of the full box set converted for the 2Box module. Thanks for taking your time. J
If you need more info just visit my site or send me a personal message.

Setup guides and tips / Hi Hat Calibration tip
« on: February 28, 2016, 07:41:52 PM »
I decided to copy this here. It is an extra tip that I now include with my own Stealth 2Box HH stand conversion kits. I haven't played the stock 2Box Hi Hat for a long time so I can't compare side by side, but I can say that this little extra step is something that I always do with my own Hi Hat. Hope it helps.

The way I set up my HH calibration includes one little step that was included in the earlier operation manual. First do the HH calibration as explained in the 2Box manual or if you are using my own HH stand conversion kit follow my instructions. And after doing the calibration: With your foot off the pedal and the HH cymbal in the open spot; Hold onto the HH rod, and loosen the clutch nut being sure the clutch and cymbal do not move while loosening ...... then raise the HH cymbal/clutch position...... try about a quarter or half inch ..... Tighten that clutch nut with the cymbal slightly higher like that after calibration ...... For me it makes the HH work much smoother/natural, and HH foot splashes and foot chicks smoother too.

Here is that original tip from 1.24 manual:
Finally fix the hihat at a (possibly higher) open position which suits ones playing style.

Another quick demo video. I built the 3 kits from SDX Metal Machinery into 2Box module kits. 1st time using my Zoom Q8 video camera that has dual XLR/TRS audio inputs. Convenient for running a pair of Master Outs from my mixer board.
 Thanks for watching. J

Anybody else run into this on their module? I have 2 Drumit Five modules. I have the new OS on both. Same exact OS 1.30 Bin file, Same Config file, etc. Even the same Boot no. 1.34. On the newer of the 2 modules I can go to one of my kits past 100 and push Save, FAVO and then turn off, start up the module and it will start on the kit I saved with FAVO. But if I do the exact same on my older module it just starts back up on Kit no. 1, not the kit I saved in FAVO. That module will save any of the 100 standard kits as FAVO, no problem. It is even weirder than that. I just fooled around with it for another 10 minutes or so, and once in a while it would save a kit past 100 as a Favo, but very seldom. It is the kind of thing where I wondered if I stand on one foot and rub my head just right ..... if that might be the clue....... LOL .....

Just thought I would put this up. There have been a variety of VST sales for the holiday season with many ending. Fxpansion BFD expansions are 50% until Jan 31.

General 2box Drumit 5 forum / It must be a busy time of year
« on: December 18, 2015, 09:44:56 PM »
No new posts around here in almost a week. I imagine Santa and he elves must be running around like crazy! I sometimes find the excuse to shop for my own gift around Christmas, but I'm not really finding the urge this year. I considered upgrading the phone but actually I am still really happy with my old Galaxy S4. I have all the apps setup exactly how I like it, and receiving calls and msgs on my wrist with the Galaxy Gear2 watch when I want .... Plus it is a pain in the arse setting up a new phone, I know, got one for the significant other this month.

Anyway, just thinking out loud, figured since it was slow on here lately I'd go ahead and post something :)

I'm heading to NAMM next month, so I'll definitely be posting anything new coming in the Edrum arena. J

I already posted this on Facebook, but thought I would post here as well.
I finally got a few minutes between the Christmas orders and tech support to put together a quick video. This demo video is of kits I built and loaded into the 2Box modules. Made from the new SDX expansion: The Progressive Foundry. All built using SDSE and played on my Stealth Drums and Cymbals. I used the default SD2 settings on these 5 kits. I have already built several other kits using 3 more presets, but will get something up for those later .... Keep it Stealth! J

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