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   Seems that some people managed to buy extra pads cymbals ... what price did you pay ? where did you buy it ?

thanx Slagverket :)

does anybody have pictures or can draw a diagram ?

what kind of switch for the edge sound ?



But it's worth bearing in mind that you may find the kit works fine for a while and then suddenly
goes kaput.  At least that's what happened with mine.  If you're gigging with the kit you don't
want it breaking down halfway in.

the same for me !!!
   seemed to work fine for a week ,then I began to notice some strange and unconsistent latency on "dry kick 22", and after that , using some kits made the module crash ....

I think its no use to wait for a problem ... if you re part of the defect serial list , just
order the new SD card to your seller ... send them a link to the page on 2box site , most of them are not aware of the problem (thomann didnt..)... they can send you a SDcard , no use to send the whole module ...

MK2 rack update cant be done softwarewise i guess ...
..or maybe in "star trek" ...... :)

you just need a stereo jack to female xlr ... skin signal is on the tip , and rim signal is on the ring...

Could anybody explain how  2 box cymbals are built ?  how many piezos ? wiring ? piezzo(s) position on the pad ... how choke works...

this could be nice for DIY projects , or just a better undrestanding of the module behaviour..

thanx !

Setup guides and tips / Re: Double triggering / ghosting on the snare
« on: December 26, 2010, 06:29:19 PM »
Ok guys , I know now where i can stick my foam ring ...;)


Setup guides and tips / Re: Double triggering / ghosting on the snare
« on: December 26, 2010, 02:19:34 PM »
sorry , but as i said , i do not own 2box pads ... if there is foam inside it s great ;)

Setup guides and tips / Re: Double triggering / ghosting on the snare
« on: December 25, 2010, 08:34:36 PM »
hello from france ....

I agree with Manfred , dampening a mesh head helps a lot for accurate triggering ...

Dampening the mesh head from the inside (with some foam ring like a REMO muffle or something DIY ) prevents the skin to vibrate creating some "sustain"
... the piezo ,who acts a bit like a microphone , picks that sustain , and this "long" signal causes double or triple triggering ...
IMO, dampening the skin , combined with a precise GAIN setting is a good way to go...
So allways try to "feed" the pads input with the best possible signal ( CLEAN GAIN AND MUFFLED RESONNANCE ), it will help the brain to detect precisely ...
this way you can lower the threshold quite a lot ...

I dont own a whole 2box kit , but only the module , as a snare drum ,i use a 12" pearl tom with a DDRUM snare trigger and a DDT mesh head
...that works quite well exept for the rim , i think it is a weekness of any  drum trigger on acoustic drum , as the rim piezo and the skin piezzo are mounted on the same shell and are not enough insulated from each other...if you have tricks to share on this ...

I wish you all a happy new year , with a new and working module editor , and a new and more tweekable OS , with presets for other brands hihats , cymbals , and drum pads for example ;)

... and for me a new SD card ... i ve got a bad one :( but still enjoy this great module!!!)

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