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If you go to Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Display and change the size of all items to about 125%  - then you will get SDSE to accept the screen resolution and continue.


e-drum DIY / modifications / Re: SD card compatibility list
« on: December 30, 2014, 09:54:58 PM »

I updated it in my computer before I installed the SD card....that was before I realized and red about the annoying 4 GB limit over USB. If I was the designer of 2Box...this would be the first thing I would fix.


DrumIt 3 and DrumIt 5 Software - PC / Mac / Re: DSoundTool 1.11 released
« on: December 29, 2014, 10:07:53 PM »
The solution was to run DSoundTool in 64 bit version of Java. If you have the 32 bit version installed... it must be uninstalled first.

Best Regards



SDSE Works like a charm! I took my best kits from AD2 and produced a couple of kits. Takes about 38 minutes to produce a complete kit. The SDSE app produces a .dkit file. I can see that this file can be read in Luststarks Drumit Manager... but I have also tried to open it in drumit five editor but this will not work.

Is this the case?

Best regards


In this forum. The OS is shipping with new sets in the US. It is offering support for rubber pads. Regarding the boot loader...I have no update what differs from 1.32 to 1.34...

I have some problems to understand why 2Box don't post it on their website...but I am just a newbie and don't know the story behind this.



Would it be possbile to get Boot 1.34 and OS 1.28? I have been searching the forum but I can't find if anyone have posted these files on the forum or if 2Box has posted them anywhere on their site.

Is there any story behind this which a newcomer should know about? :-)

Best Regards


e-drum DIY / modifications / Re: Access the 2BOX SD card over USB
« on: December 24, 2014, 01:58:28 PM »
Thanks - I will verify my card again. (The Mac is doing stuff on all storage devices)

But the first look after having it connected (without have doing anything) looks like it works.

What do you guys at the forum believe there is for chance to get a change in the boot program from 2Box?

I would believe that this would help 2Box with their current module also. (Shipping an almost full 4GB card does not feel optimal if you have an open system and where you as a customer is encouraged to download more samples from their site - then the delete process starts...:-))

Merry X-mas everybody!


e-drum DIY / modifications / Access the 2BOX SD card over USB
« on: December 23, 2014, 09:48:35 AM »
Jman has previous put out a big fat warning to not access memory modified 2Box modules over USB - if you have larger SD sizes than 4GB!!!

I did patch my unit yesterday with a 32GB SD card - and I had to give it a go...What will actually happen if you reconnect the 2Box device over USB again. :-)

I tried it both on a Windows 10 based notebook and a MacBook Pro with Yosemite.

  • Windows 10 - Will ask you if you want to reformat the disk? A pretty binear question! NO! There is no way in hell to be able to access the 2Box module over USB now. And when rebooting the unit - It will actually show up just as usual - and the filesystem on the SD card is completely untouched
  • Macbook Pro - The disk can actually be accessed - it looks right...but looking on the information about the says that it contains about 1.8GB and that I have 1.8MB free space. (I had 3.7GB on the SD card) I am guesssing if starting to storing stuff on the drive now at this stage will probably blow the drive completely. So be causus! I did nothing...and rebooted my 2Box unit and could just see that the filesystem was untouched

After this, I was looking on the drivers on the Windows 10 PC. The 2Box USB driver is from 2006 - supplied by Microsoft. It is a Mass Storage Driver.

I am guessing that the boot loader in 2Box tells how big the disk can be at most...and a boot loader/Firmware change is required to be able to access larger memory cards directly over USB. (Could also be a internal issue in the 2Box unit...but already now it is internally read and write to SD cards larger than 4GB - so I would guess it is more of a USB firmware issue.

JMan - The Firmware 1.28 maybe contains more than support for just rubber pads? :-)

This could maybe be something to think of, 2Box? :-)

But JMan's cable patch will work perfectly also where you take out the the SD card and access it in the MAC/PC instead.

Any other thoughts?

Best Regards


e-drum DIY / modifications / Re: SD card compatibility list
« on: December 23, 2014, 12:04:50 AM »

I have changed my 4 GB SD card to a 32GB card. I found an old 32 GB card in my collection named Sandisk Ultra 30MB/S Class 10. It seems like new types of SD cards will end up with problems according to this thread. I have formated the card on my Windows 10 based Notebook (not Quick format) Fat32, standard values.(For test purposes  - I did not use the SD Format) Then I downloaded the latest factory build for 2Box + a couple of my own fat kits.

I have made this mod inside the unit and I did not go for the cable implementation at this stage. I can live with if it takes time to download new kits etc on the module over USB. (That was before I saw Jman's big warning to update the card over USB for cards bigger than 4GB!)

Ok - did it work? I would say yes for the moment. I can't hear any cracks in the sound..even if playing real fat samples. More testing is required but I did play for a couple of hours without any problems.

Boot times:
  • Old card 4.56 seconds
  • New card 6.47 seconds

Picture of the cards - old and new

It looks nice regarding the amount of memory:

Best Regards


I have bought a used 2Box from a Swedish music store (DLX Music from the great drummer, sales rep and friend - Johan Kullberg) and my s/n is 211!

General 2box Drumit 5 forum / Re: Lost Sounds
« on: December 21, 2014, 10:46:45 PM »
I had the same issues...but when I went into the zip file...and opened the quickstart.pdf...first time it requested the password. (I had no idea of the I just took a chance and wrote 2box...after this it seems like the password protection went away for the whole zip file.

I am running Windows 8.1 on the actual system...and was using the built in extract function in Windows.

Best Regards


DrumIt 3 and DrumIt 5 Software - PC / Mac / Re: DSoundTool 1.11 released
« on: December 21, 2014, 03:04:29 PM »
Yepp, he did!

Best regards angr77

Works like a charm now.

I had the default values in sdse earlier but I am guessing that maximizing part went wrong because of the Java problems.

It was working just fine now! A fantastic tool... something to order for X-mas...

Best regards


Yes. You were right. I had the 32 bit windows version of java installed. (A bit stupid of me to not check this - I should have checked this earlier - I am running everything in 64bit)

I changed to the 64 bit and my memory error problem was gone.

However - I get an error message when trying to create the dsnd file for my snare which is that the wave file consist of 127 samples - where only 99 is allowed. Easy to change. But, I thought about reporting this back - I am guessing the AD2 batch job settings should maybe take care of this default.

Best Regards


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