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I was playing hard today for 3-4 hours and my system actually locked/hanged 2 times. (Power cycle was the only solution to get it working again)...this made me real worried...I am running on the 1.26 firmware on a modified device with 32GB SAd card...could it be something wrong with the card even if it does not show any symptoms like pops, distortion or even long boot has been working like charm...


e-drum DIY / modifications / What do you think of my 2Box patch?
« on: January 21, 2015, 10:03:39 PM »
Hi! Many "2Boxers" have done Jmans cable patch...where you get a external SD card reader which is nice and non-destructive . 

But after some design thinking - I had to take it one step further...

What do you think about this?
Best Regards


7 kits from AD2 + one kit from DrumMica and implemented them on a 32GB SD Card!

All together with the basic config kits from OS 1.26 gives me about 8GB of drums!

The AD2 kits (especially the Fairfax kits vol 1 and 2) sounds just amazing!

The DrumMica sounds ok and it reports more layers than the AD2 but if I judge...the AD2 kits sounds better.

Quick guess: I am guessing that SDSE doesn't cover and include the mixer settings or the mic selections in the DrumMica VST...that's why it might be performing less good.

Best regards



Would it be possbile to get Boot 1.34 and OS 1.28? I have been searching the forum but I can't find if anyone have posted these files on the forum or if 2Box has posted them anywhere on their site.

Is there any story behind this which a newcomer should know about? :-)

Best Regards


e-drum DIY / modifications / Access the 2BOX SD card over USB
« on: December 23, 2014, 09:48:35 AM »
Jman has previous put out a big fat warning to not access memory modified 2Box modules over USB - if you have larger SD sizes than 4GB!!!

I did patch my unit yesterday with a 32GB SD card - and I had to give it a go...What will actually happen if you reconnect the 2Box device over USB again. :-)

I tried it both on a Windows 10 based notebook and a MacBook Pro with Yosemite.

  • Windows 10 - Will ask you if you want to reformat the disk? A pretty binear question! NO! There is no way in hell to be able to access the 2Box module over USB now. And when rebooting the unit - It will actually show up just as usual - and the filesystem on the SD card is completely untouched
  • Macbook Pro - The disk can actually be accessed - it looks right...but looking on the information about the says that it contains about 1.8GB and that I have 1.8MB free space. (I had 3.7GB on the SD card) I am guesssing if starting to storing stuff on the drive now at this stage will probably blow the drive completely. So be causus! I did nothing...and rebooted my 2Box unit and could just see that the filesystem was untouched

After this, I was looking on the drivers on the Windows 10 PC. The 2Box USB driver is from 2006 - supplied by Microsoft. It is a Mass Storage Driver.

I am guessing that the boot loader in 2Box tells how big the disk can be at most...and a boot loader/Firmware change is required to be able to access larger memory cards directly over USB. (Could also be a internal issue in the 2Box unit...but already now it is internally read and write to SD cards larger than 4GB - so I would guess it is more of a USB firmware issue.

JMan - The Firmware 1.28 maybe contains more than support for just rubber pads? :-)

This could maybe be something to think of, 2Box? :-)

But JMan's cable patch will work perfectly also where you take out the the SD card and access it in the MAC/PC instead.

Any other thoughts?

Best Regards


General 2box Drumit 5 forum / USB port can be used for midi
« on: December 13, 2014, 11:32:59 PM »

I am rather new to this forum - I have been around for a while and have been doing some e-drumming, DIY etc..I have just for fun bought a 2BOX module to compare with what I am currently using.

After have been updating the OS on the 2BOX module and carefully been reading the manual...I just realized that the USB port is not able to send any midi. The USB port is only used for storing files, OS etc. This has also been confirmed in other threads. But as a new user of 2BOX - What is really this?

Of course - using an external midi interface is not a problem ...but I would argument that this is great drawback in functionality and even poor design. I would have expected more...


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