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Hi. On Unit Intf page you can set the midi chan and note for each chan.
The note is for the center articulation, the others are on consecutive higher notes.
Cheers, Deve.
Setup guides and tips / Re: Additional cymbals
July 30, 2022, 10:39:12 AM
Hi. When you split toms or snare, you access them by holding More + Tomx or Snare.
Set the trigger type for the split ch on Unit - Trig page.
Set the sound on Kit - Drum.
Each can be individually panned on Kit - Vol.
Each can be routed as you want om Unit - Intf.
Remember to check More button is lit up.

Cheers, Deve.
Hi. Looks like a bir of the white / inner circle of the piezo came off where it was soldered.
Maybe (?) you can solder the wire again on another part of that inner circle.
Otherwise and better, new piezo.
Best, Deve.
Ps. Ben je Nederlander..?
The DDrum Legacy / Re: New ddrum module in 2023?
July 02, 2022, 10:03:15 PM
"...we are utilising a cutting-edge, US-developed, military technology..."
Say no more...
Svenska / Re: Glad midsommar!!!!!!!!!!!!!
June 24, 2022, 10:29:17 PM
Fijne midzomer gewenst!
Proost, Deve.

Hi. Sure fast these newer SD card interfaces. But it depends on the type of cpu / soc if it can be used.
Best I have seen is UHS-1 on embedded soc chips. (Mmm, interesting! :-)
Mimic uses a Sitara SOM which has SATA,

Just the SOM costs like the whole DI5 mainboard.


Hi. Thanks for the thumbs up Cman!

As fat32 on sdxc is not officially supported, there is no official utility to format them.
I am afraid cloning will have to do, or very low level byte wise tinkering.

Larger than 4 GB over the current DrumIt USB implementation goes wrong indeed (I know why).
However,  I dont want to go into details because I need the solution for my own sake, so to say :-)
I hope you understand. It cant be solved with an OS update anyway.

The original DI5 had the card built in, because it is (and turned out to be) hard to find a capable card. So the 4 GB USB limit back then was ok.

All the best,

Ps. In the DI5mkII user manual it still says support for 64 GB, but on the web site its gone.
Hi All.
I think a card can not be too fast. The host determines the transfer rate. See also
However, access time can maybe be too long, but that does not affect the card being recognized.
Reformatting 64 GB from exfat to fat32 is not that simple. Cloning is not the correct way actually.

Check volume / routing. See...

Kit mode, drum page, volume (per drum)
Unit mode, mix page, vol in the mix (global)
Unit mode, intf page, bus assign for individual out (per drum)
Unit mode, out page, set which bus goes to which out (global)

Cheers, Deve.
Hi. DrumIt (at least the oroginal one) uses CC4 as hihat pedal position.
Open 0, closef 127 (can be set reversed).
AFAIK roland can also use CC4, see eg
Maybe obvious, but does the button work on other pages?
Is save enabled on the unit-pref page?
With the DI5 in usb mode, the storage is a std fat32 drive.
Definitively recognized by a Mac.
And no usb midi with a Mac either, since its not implemented on DI5.

No offence, but it seems you are a bit lost with the concepts here.
Maybe read the manual...?

Hi. The DI5 sends a base midi note for each pad, and for every next zone the next higher note.
This is set on the unit-intf page for each channel. Midi in/out is on din only.

I cant help with clone hero.

Best, Deve.
Hi. Good it connects now.

The DI5 does not have midi over usb. It was supposed too but never happened.
Thats why the usb.midi led is non functional.

As your pc can read the di5 files now, everything else is upto your pc programs.

Best, Deve.