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Hi, today (7-5-22) I bcielo put out a video on youtube demonstrating that you can obtain those in-between sounds of the hi hat being fully closed to fully open. The video is titled "bcielo Demonstrates 2Box Hi Hat In-between Sounds. I hope this will be helpful to anyone dealing with this issue. 
Yeah, the DDR30 press board and hard rubber pads
Hi All, I may be a newbe hear but my experience messing with electronic drums goes back to the 80s with Rolands DDR30 (just 4 toms, snare, & bass - no cymbals). Anyway I as others have had problems obtaining the HH sounds between open and closed so I reached out to Anders @ Zourman and he was gracious enough to get back to me and mention that his HH module would not solve the inbetween sounds of the HH with the drumit3. Knowing this I started comparing the guidance in the 2box manual and the article Anders wrote "Zourman Drums : Roland HH & Ride Guide for 2Box Drumit3". If you go to the manual p19 5.1 Press l/data button once - a closed HH appears 5.2 Close the HH 5.3 press l/data button 2nd time - open HH appears P20 5.4 open HH 5.5 press l/data button to exit. this operation never gave me the inbetween sounds for the HH. Now the process given by Anders (if I understand it correctly). Adjust the RAW setting with the foot pedal all the way down or closed. now while still holding the foot pedal closed or all the way down press the l/datd button twice slowly - this will start the calibration and set the closed value. now press the l/data button again and open the HH. I would just add which I think is right after releasing the pedal all the way to press the l/data button once more to exit the calibration as the manual says. I tried this way and now I have the inbetween HH sounds. Hope this can be of some help to some of you out there and my thanks to Anders for his help.
Hi, are you saying if I run my hi hat from a different module (I'm trying dtxpress 3) to say 2box3 I still have to make adjustments in the 2Box unit page "HCAL" to fine tune everything? Thanks
Setup guides and tips / Mounting Drumit3 Module
April 12, 2022, 04:41:21 AM
Hi, this evening while trying to figure a way to mount the Drumit3 module I figured I'd take a long shot and see if an old Yamaha mounting bracket for dtxpress III would come close to a fit. Turns out it was a perfect fit - hope this can help you or someone you know - Bye
General 2box Drumit 5 forum / Re: Hi Hat Rating
April 06, 2022, 05:11:12 PM
hi all (I also live on long island new york) I'm using the older Yamaha PCY135 with the Drumit3 and both zones work well - gain set at 10. Using older Yamaha foot controller feels very real but the mid sounds have only a very narrow movement range. 2Box really needs to correct these hi hat issues it's the only real issue that holds it back from going against the big guys.