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Okay, this is VERY weird.
I unplugged all the Cables, unplugged the module and plugged it in a different power socket in the wall (just because I wanted to work on it at a different place in the room). Now its booting and everything is fine. Not sure if or why that makes sense or why it works. Thought about deleting my whole question but maybe this helps somebody in the future.

"Have you tried turning it off and on again?"
Hello guys,

I did the stupid thing. I got the module a week ago over eBay and had a blast with it. It had the 32gb mod and I didn't know that you shouldn't connect it via usb to your PC after the mod. Well, thats what I did and now it doesnt boot anymore :(

I feel like I tried everything. All the "important" files are in root, I reformatted the SD-Card with the reformatter that everyone is suggesting here, I even bought a new SD-Card and downloaded the original files from the 2box-site. Still just getting a blue screen...
Is there anything else I can do that I've missed? I've been searching this forum for hours and feel like I've tried every suggestion I could find.
Now way just connecting it actually damaged the module somehow right?  :-[

Looking forward to your replies! 
Thank you for your fast reply!

I can't believe I didn't try that, but I got it to work! The Crash Cymbal works best with the CyPSV-Setting and the Ride (with bell sound!) with the CyPSS-Setting. Haven't gotten the choke to work yet but I dont care too much about that anyway.

So thanks!
Hey Guys,

I got a DrumIt Three a few days ago and I'm loving it so far.

I made a conversion Kit from my acoustic Tama and all the Drums with 2box triggers work like a charm.

I bought some Millenium MPS 600 stereo Crash cymbals to go along with it. Now I know these aren't ,,Top of the line" or I better say I know they are cheap I didn't expect the world from them. But according to the manual they're supported if I understand it correctly.
If I'm not mistaken they should be able to have two Zones (Bow and Edge) and a choke sound (apparently even a bell sound if you use them as a ride cymbal). I plugged them in with stereo 6,5m cables but I can only get one sound out of them no matter where I hit them. On the Ride Cymbal I ONLY get the Bell sound no matter where I hit the Cymbal Pad.

Does anyone here use the DrumIt Three and Millenium Cymbals or may have an idea what the problem could be (or what I'm doing wrong).
Like I said I know they aren't great but I still feel like I'm missing something.

I've looked into the Kit settings where you can modify the SOUND settings and its set to +++ on all Cymbals.
If I alter this setting I am getting the different sounds but always only one. So the sounds are there, they are just not getting triggered correctly.

I've tried to search the whole forum and read the manual for solutions but haven't found anything that has worked yet. If I missed something I'm terribly sorry :-/