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Hi all,
I just bought a Millenuim H-Hat that is excatly the same as my original speedlight kit ( shape, aspect, plugs...) ref of this item is D 202109. When I plug it to the DI3 I have no way to get the settings OK.
Do someone in this forum already faced this situation ? If so what can be the solution to makes it working ?
Thanks to all for your help.
All Best !
Quote from: ANGR77 on February 28, 2023, 10:14:55 PMHi!

As an old 2box collector of sounds...I made a quick job and pulled together all the missing *.dsnd sounds in the collection. Hope that this is ok with 2box Corp from a copyright standpoint. (Please notify me otherwise) They have been on earlier 2box sound images - but seems to been taken off for some reason.

You can download the zipfile here:

Just unpack the files to the 2box SD Card and place them in a e.g. \missing directory in the root. The 2box module or the 2box editor will find them in the structure anyway.

Best Regards

Anders /
Thank you for the sounds ! This is very nice from you to share these great files.
Hi all,
Just to share one experience. I was playing during a practice then suddenly I lose the sound from the snare, only the rim was triggering  :o . After removing the mesh head, I just found that was the foam between the trigger and the mesh that was fully removed...
To replace this foam (20mm diameter x 13mm thickness) I just use double sided thick tape. I made a sandwitch of 5 layers of this tape to reach the exact dimension for the thickness, keeping the diameter out of its original dimension.
Reassembling everything then, with a little worry... and result is : WORKING just fine !   8)

Next step, find a foam with the exact dimensions... to keep the things in proper conditions. The point is I still can play and practice while trying to find this part. Any address will be appreciated.
Hi from France, whre I'm using a speedlight kit with additionals Roland snare and cymbales. Serial : 00777 Drumit3
Cheers !
Great ! Thanks !
Already spend 5 gigs using the DI3 Speedlight kit + additional Roland cymbals, it is really great experience ! Sure, it will remain my stage drums set for long. I have a spare SD card and a spare power supply in case...
My only concern is the bass-drum`s head that is kind of fast to get damaged. I wonder where to buy parts, as we don't have resellers in France...
Cheers !
General 2Box Drumit 3 Forum / Re: Drumit 3
July 21, 2022, 07:51:08 PM
I asked a friend to do one cut on the side of the box, using à CNC machine. The card is now very easy to access and I don't need the external cable and adaptor. I don't know how to add a picture on the topic...  ::) so you ca follow this link :
Francais / Carte SD
July 11, 2022, 02:10:25 PM
Voila, après un gros ras le bol avec les rallonges pour carte SD, je viens d'opérer le boitier Drumit3. Celui-ci est désormais ouvert au niveau du connecteur interne de la carte, opération faite par un ami qui a un tour numérique. C'est nettement plus pratique que cette fichue adaptation externe, et en plus il est plus facile pour moi d'avoir une carte pour jouer au casque, et une autre optimisée pour la scène. Le rendu son d'une sono n'étant pas le même que celui du casque... et... encore moins de problème de son ! (voir topic précédents)
Francais / Speedlight kit changement des "mesh"
July 09, 2022, 08:46:55 AM
Bonjour à tous,

Question peut-être très bête  ;D : Comment changer les peaux mesh d'origine ?
- quelle marque choisir pour remplacer ?
- combien de plies, 2 ou 3 ?
- il y a un genre de coton collé entre la peau mesh et le trigger, comment démonter sans endommager ?

Bonne journée à tous !
Réponse super méga tardive... désolé  :-\
Oui, je ne suis plus en mode Édition. Après des heures de tests avec différents réglages, j'ai finalement quasiment plus le problème. Il reste encore des soucis lors de l'utilisation de la ride. Quand je joue sur la ride, apparemment celle-ci génère des problèmes de trigger sur les autres tom ou sur la CC.
- Xtalk en différents mode
- masque à différentes amplitudes
- Gain différent et Treshold ajusté... bref c'est un peu la galère.
Lors de l'utilisation de kit CC standard, j'ai moins le souci que lors d'utilisation de kit CC 3 zones...

Une véritable prise de tête. Je me demande si je vais conserver le kit vu que je passe plus de temps en réglages qu'a jouer...
Bonne journée
Hi Halftime, thank you for your good advice, I'm going to purchase a new SD card. I Will update the results later after new installation.
Hi all,
This is all in the title... When hitting the drum's head (original mesh heads from the speedlight kit) the sound will play later after the stick touches the mesh, kind of a double stroke latency... very troublesome...
Any chance someone get ride of such a situation ?

Bonjour à tous,
J'ai un gros soucis sur ma drumit3... les sons sont soient doublés, ou pire encore, les sons se déclenchent bien après la frappe.
Quelqu'un a t'il déjà eu ce souci ?