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General 2Box Drumit 3 Forum / Re: Nfuzd Pads
May 24, 2023, 11:00:13 PM
I recall this being a thing way back. The trouble that many people found with them pads was they used a TRRS configuration on their connectors. I am not 100% if it was across the whole of them, but I do recall their cymbals being configured this way. On paper though, as there's not magic sauce with them, they use Piezos like 99% of pads, it can be done.
I can attest that making a sample from scratch isn't easy, weirdly the easy part is the sampling itself. The editing and cutting up of the samples is the bit that I stumbled on quite a bit when I made my Tama samples. And time consuming too, I gave myself square eyes staring at a computer for hours making mine. And the results were not quite how I planned, when I eventually got to try them on a 2box module that is.

I have a question for you Anders with regards to hihat samples. I can't recall how many layers I used, but what's your guide for layers/levels of open and closed? I went with more is more, and on their own they seemed fine, I found them clunky when using other drums. So perhaps I had way too many sampled loaded in?

Just curious as I do intend to fix all of mine, maybe even redo them.

Thanks in advance.
That's some great feedback indeed, great work Anders!
Hey Man.

Thanks for your effort on this. I have taken the "cleaned" file and put it on the samples folder, deleted the bad version and renamed it to "processed"

Not sure when I will get chance to try it myself, hopefully soon. So many thanks for this again.

I will be doing "dry" versions off all the kit very soon. I will let you know when I do. Hopefully they'll be useful to someone.

I think you'll be fine with the drums and cymbals, only the hihat will not be usable. Unless you're willing do some surgery on a cable. The Efnote used a multipin connector within that there's the power supply for the optical sensor and also the piezo/switch terminals.
General chit-chat / Re: Remembering Jman
May 09, 2023, 10:18:32 PM
Wonderful words fitting to such a great man. Most of us never met him but when definitely knew his name. He was a huge force in this forum and in edrum circles on the whole. I never come on here and not think of him. Sorely missed by all.
hey thanks for checking it out. Yeah I really thought I was being thorough when I made these. But clearly I missed a few things. If I had a module to try these out for myself I wouldn't have missed a lot of these "over-sights" but there you go.

I should have made a list of the sounds with issues, as there are a few. But off the top of my head, all layers on the processed 22 x 18" have a small silence on them. The unprocessed one seems fine.

One of the 12 x 8 toms has at least one bad layer. One of the hihats has a dead layer (just a silence)

On the good hihat, I should strip some of the layers away (as it was chock with them) on its own it good and I am happy with it. It's only when you start doing anything a little complex with hihat foot stomps do you hear latency with some snare notes. I feel this is because it's trying to play to many layers. Swap it for a "stock" 2 box hihat and it stops.

That aside, I do need to remix the ride and one of the crashes as they sound distinctively different than the rest. This is what happens when they're done at different times without a decent method to hear them, rookie error.

There may have been others but that's what I can remember.
Okay, so got a demo version of SDSE DSsoundTool and for the life of me couldn't figure out HOW to repair these bloody sounds.
If ANYONE has an idea of how to do it, I'd be eternally grateful. The last thing I want to do is start over, it was such an huge ordeal making these in the first place.

But that said, I do still intend to remake dry/direct versions for people in live situations. Think Efnote but for 2box. Most front of house engineers don't want stereo sounds with ambience, so this is for those situations.
Hi thanks for the message yeah that's the one.

Though I hear it's been integrated into sdse now.

I am on a Mac so will need crossover (an app designed to run low level windows apps on) to get it going.

I will report back with my progress.
Hi all
Some sounds I have made of my acoustic kit have bad layers, need to properly trim Silences from sample start of a few of the layers. There was an app called DsdnTool before, does that still exist? Would be a lot easier to just inspect a bad sample than have to remake it.
Thanks in advance.
So I finally got to try these on an original 2box set up (with original hihats) and I can see some of the sounds need fixing. There's noticeable silences on some of the layers of one of the 12" toms and one of the kicks. Also one of the hihats is very clunky.. one seems fine. I can't tell which is which as the display doesn't show the V2 part of the second version. 

So as I'm here visiting a friend, gonna try and fix these and will re upload.

I will update here any fixes.
I can look into for you when I get back home tomorrow.
I shipped cymbal to New Zealand recently, worked out to be £150 which was extortionate. But it was the other side of the world.
I'll leave my email here so you don't have to log in to see replies.
Welcome Roel. Glad you liked. I hope to be able to try them myself one day.
Right, so it doesn't seem to be the module then, otherwise you'd hear it there too. Midi notes (and all relevant data) are generated then sent to the sounds in the module as well as out of the midi out socket. I don't know Studio drummer to know about it to be able to suggest what the issue is. Do you have any other VSTs to try?
There's a bunch of free version ones about there, I know SSD5 does a fully functioning version with 2 kits. Modo drum from IK media also. Anyway, check if the issue happens on another VST.