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Hello fellow e-drummers,

the very much praised Lemon e-cymbals who are very much alike the Roland cymbals and some claim that they are even better, are now sold and shipped directly from within Europe!
No hassle with import taxes, delivery in 1-2 days and they come with a 2 year warranty.

Check out for the full catalog and details

I am just wondering, I read somewhere that the out 1 and out 2 output the stereo mix. But does that mean that I need to use a TRS cable for Out 1 or a TS cable?

The Samson speaker is indeed an ok speaker at best, but that is also the the price range it is in.

I bought this speaker as my first speaker for practice use at home because I found the price range for a Mackie or Electro Voice a bit too steep without knowing for sure that Using a speaker instead of headphones would be my preference. And a 1000watt Mackie or EV felt like a lot of overkill in a practice room at home.

Now I am in doubt if a better speaker would give me better sounds that are closer to the headphones.
Maybe someone can share their experiences here?

I normally use my Samson headphone for drumming on my 2Box DrumIt 3 which sounds perfect for me. Today I bought a pair of active Samson speakers from a fellow drummer to use with my 2Box. I connected out 1 and 2 with a mono plug to the left and right input of the speakers.
The strange thing is that the toms, kick and ride seem to sound ok, but the snare seems to miss some punch and the hi hat’s volume is too low.
I changed settings in the module and are routing the mix to both out 1-2 and to the headphones so I would expect that the sound would have been somewhat similar between the headphone and speakers. But unfortunately it isn’t.

It wasn’t a very expensive speakerset though but kick and toms and ride do sound somewhat similar to the headphones. Am I missing a setting or is it just the speakers who can not keep up with the snare and hi hat sound?

Other e-drum systems / ATV-drums forum launched
« on: January 23, 2020, 09:25:59 PM »
I noted that there is a new unofficial ATV-drums forum launched, for the interested fellow-drummers...

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