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General 2box Drumit 5 forum / Discord Server for 2Box
February 01, 2024, 08:41:40 AM
I just created a Discord server to share some videos and tips on how to use your 2box module efficiently, youtube sucks big b**ls so discord is a good alternative to share videos and messages quickly. Join in!
My edrumin was collecting dust so I had this idea and put positional sensing on the 2box using a roland PDX-100 pad with center cone, it works great, the edrumin sends a note for snare edge triggering like all the snares have in Superior Drummer 3, so when you hit off center you get this sound, You just have to export the snare edge sound as extra articulation in SDSE and assign it to a tom rim midi note.
Here is for another year of 2box nothingness
Setup guides and tips / Roland BT-1 with 2Box
August 14, 2023, 12:06:17 PM
I bought a BT-1 and used it as a sidestick on my converted snare, I connected it to the tom 4 input and set it up as PS pad but got false triggers when hitting the rim and then the strangest thing: when I record it to login the sidestick wasn't recorded! the midi note wasn't sent either! So it seems to be true that the 2box doesn't send a sidestick note when using a pad type other than PSS.

Next I split it with the tom 2 and left the pad type as rim, now I don't get false triggers when hitting the rim and the side stick note is sent as tom 2 rim with the side stick note assigned to it. So that's the solution, use it only splitted with a tom and you will get great results and will record everything ok.
Other e-drum systems / edrumin forum down
August 02, 2023, 07:04:44 PM
the edrumin website domain audiofront is down, no way to access it since yesterday!
I just bought a new drumit 3 from thomann and imported the default kit of the Hitmaker SD3 expansion to the stock card, it was unplayable, especially snare and ride.... it's really sad and annoying that we are still facing this. It's going back to thomann...
General chit-chat / Where is the smitten button?
July 26, 2023, 08:51:54 AM
where did the smitten button go?
I used it a lot  ;D  especially with first posters going straight to business ::)
I have an efnote 7 set, I also have a 2box drumit 3 module, I tried triggering the 2box via midi only from the efnote, here are my findings:
* The cymbals won't choke, not even with the latest 2box 1.40 unofficial os. The cymbal notes cannot be modified individually in the 2box, the efnote sends aftertouch to choke the cymbals but it's not what the note the 2box expects, it seems it sends aftertouch but it doesn't receive it.
* the hihat sucks (no surprise there), you have to change all the notes to the bow note, it triggers CC4 but the pedal note always trigger a splash.
* the kick, snare and toms trigger fine, you have to increase the sensitivity on the efnote though. By default the hardest hit is around 80.
*At the end what I did is connect the snare kick and toms directly to the 2box and the cymbals to the efnote, then I send the audio from the efnote to the 2box.

Another fun experiment.
Pearl leaked last night a new update containing a multilayer sample editor, it has been removed already but someone managed to download it and made a video about it, you can now import up to 300 multilayer samples, sorry 2box, you are now officially behind:

here some playing of the Hansa library:
General 2box Drumit 5 forum / 3 Zone snare with BT-1
April 11, 2022, 07:04:46 AM
So if I want to use a BT-1 for x-sticks with a dual zone mesh snare I lose the rimshot sound? Because the manual says when you assign a sound to the perc part you will trigger this sound, so if I assign a crosstick on another input will I lose the rimshot sound? I'm confused after all this years... also which midi note is assigned to this x-stick? I seem to remember that the 2box doesn't send 37 for xstick but only 38 for center and 40 for rimshots. The BT-1 will be splitted with a tom input.
Drumit Next Gen / 2021
July 05, 2021, 08:39:26 AM
There won't be a next gen 2box module, at least not from 2box directly... After a couple of years since this topic was created, nothing happened, you can kill it now :(
General 2box Drumit 5 forum / Unofficial 1.40 OS
June 29, 2021, 11:11:26 AM
The OS for the fame modul which is a modified drumit 3 is now available to download from here:
If you're feeling adventurous and want to try it on your 2box module go ahead.
Other e-drum systems / Fame Hybrid Pro
January 31, 2021, 12:44:18 PM
It seems 2box has been busy preparing and collaborating with music store to release a rebranded drumit 3 as brain of the  ,,Fame Hybrid Pro" drumset. At 1199€, this is a serious contender for their own speedlight kit. Available from 5th of February.

,,The Fame Hybrid Pro E-Drum Set is a professional E-Drum Kit with high-end module in the exclusive Simon Phillips and Marco Minnemann Edition.

With 12 separate trigger channels, 4 direct outputs and a song player, the Hybrid Pro module is built for professional drummers - and at an absolute sensational price!

There are 4 GB of flash memory available, which can be filled with sounds or WAV samples as desired. From the factory, the module contains over 400 exclusive multi-layer sounds, consisting of 12,500 individual samples recorded especially for MUSIC STORE professional by Simon Phillips and Marco Minnemann.

The open sound architecture allows for quick sorting and creation of kits, sounds and custom backing tracks with the help of a software editor. There are 100 kit slots in the Hybrid Pro, 40 of which are already populated with our own sounds. Each kit can be assigned a click and a song - perfect for live use.

All pads of the Fame Hybrid Pro E-Drum Set are equipped with mesh heads, snare and kick pad are 12", the toms 10". In addition to the three cymbal pads with 3-zone ride, there is a real hi-hat mounted on a Fame HH-9000 stand. The classic Fame FP-9001 single pedal is also included.

Other e-drum systems / EF Note 5
January 28, 2021, 02:18:28 PM
Hyperactive, the german distributor for 2box, will be the european distributor for the EF Note drum, good luck with that... kit costs 2999€
Only 75 Sets available, comes with rubber and mesh heads.
In memory of the one and only Jman...
I'm selling one of his ISM-6 triggers for a 13" or 14" snare, the trigger is new and still bubble wrapped, includes clear rim guard. it will work perfectly with the 2box module and mimic pro. I have the installation instructions and video as well. Selling it for 120€ incl. shipping to Germany or 130€ including shipping to the EU.
Setup guides and tips / SDX expansions sizes
March 28, 2020, 04:38:23 PM
I made a list of all the SDX sizes I own already converted for the 2box. So you can calculate the SD card size and number you need.

Allaire   585 MB
Avatar   1.25 GB
Custom & Vintage   1.65 GB
Evil Drums   6.85 GB
Indiependent   3.2 GB
Metal Foundry   4.08 GB
Metal Machinery   2.5 GB
Music City   885.5 MB
New York 2 Hit Factory   569 MB
New York 3   1.87 GB
Progressive Foundry   5.68 GB
Rock Warehouse   2.32 GB
Roots Sticks   2.14 GB
Rock Foundry   6.2 GB
Decades   3.72 GB
Death & Darkness   10.1 GB
Rooms of Hansa   6.09 GB
Core SD3   8.18 GB

Ok, enough with the mystery, got my drumit 5 MK2 module today and just setting it up, here are my first impressions:

  • the box is similar to the drumit 3
[li]the power adapter is a generic one
a plastic mounting plate is included
the quick start guide is similar to the drumit 3, no full manual included
The SD Card is nicely fitted in the card slot, it doesn't rag a bit, it is spring loaded but you'll need long fingernails or a plastic thing to get it out because it doesn't come out so easily when pushing it.
I took it out and first surprise: is a micro sd card in a generic sd card adapter! it has a plastic seal so I can't see which micro sd card it is.
as advertised is a 32GB card
it has 12.1 GB data with 17,4GB free
it comes with OS 1.36.1 installed
there are 75 kits, from 1 to 24 are completely new kits with new and old instruments, these sound really really nice!

I did the sd card test with HD tune, first test showed an access time of .87 ms

that's it for now….

Just released, Steven Slate Audio 5.5, easier midi learn, 13 new "Designer" Kits, free upgrade for SSD5 users.
Took delivery of my new toy today: the 2box speedlight kit. It comes in 2 boxes, one with the pads and one with the rack and module. I was more curious about the hihat and ride, the hihat is one zone and the ride is 3 zone and triggers beautifully. The texture of the cymbals is similar to the atv cymbals. The toms and snare are tiny and have a single ply head, they trigger perfectly out of the box. The module came with os 1.34.1.
The rack is pretty lightweight, the mounts for the toms and snare are the same mounts as for the original drumit 5 pads, they are hex rods, which is a minus since you’ll need a yamaha or pearl hex mounts if you want to change them.
The included hihat stand is quite flimsy, you cannot expect more for this price. The hihat pad sits atop a plastic tray with foam on it. The actual controller is a plastic movable part attached to the pad itself. It triggers ok and needs more fine tuning so you get clean chicks and splashes. I’d say replacing the hihat stand is a must. The kick pad is the same texture as the cymbals, soft.

Since this is basically a drumit 3, there is only one small mounting guide for the rack, no additional instructions included. The hihat pad came without the clutch attached so you have to do it yourself.

I made a video of the unboxing and hope to put in on tutube tomorrow.