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General 2Box Drumit 3 Forum / MIDI Choke for Cymbals
February 09, 2021, 04:41:11 AM
I am  using an external MIDI controller to play the 2Box, and it works well except the cymbal chokes don't behave correctly. If I hit a note assigned to a choke, it just lowers the volume of the cymbal so in order to choke it you have to hit it many times and of course that does not sound right. Is this normal or something weird with the way my controller is set up?
So 2Box says the Mk II will take up to a 64gb SD card. However I don't see any recommendations for cards which are compatible, only 32 and smaller. Has anyone tested this yet? If one of the working 32gb cards has a 64gb version with otherwise identical specs, is it safe to assume that this will work?
This is a sample set I made over a year ago as an early test which I do not need for my personal library. However, it still sounds nice and should provide a fun option for those who want a high-pitched auxiliary snare. The drum is not centered, but mostly on the left side where most people put this type of snare on a kit. As this was an early experiment, there's a bit more room sound than I normally go for (it was further away from the mics.) Simply recorded with a pair of overhead mics in a small room.
I hope some people get some use out of it! Enjoy :)
General 2Box Drumit 3 Forum / Three Zone Snare
February 26, 2020, 12:13:08 AM
I've looked around a bit but must be searching for the wrong thing. It seems the only 3-zone snares are the expensive Yamaha ones (which have pretty mixed reviews on their durability,) the 2Box one, and the ATV one which doesn't work with the Drumit3.
So, how can I get all 3 snare zones? I do not want to lose the rim of another pad to do it, the snare has 3 zones and I want to use them all. Is the 2Box snare the only way to get this done? Or could I split the snare input and add a 3rd single-zone pad for the crossstick?
Has anyone tried to plug an expression pedal into the hi-hat input to control the sound? Obviously it will be a different playability than a regular hi-hat pedal, but I am going to control the sounds via MIDI so can trigger the different hi-hat zones via separate pads on my Alternate Mode TrapKatXL. Will this work?
Over the next few months (and years) I will have many cymbals and other drum/perc items passing through my hands, and am thinking of sampling them. I've already sampled all my personal acoustic gear and am in the process of selling most of it as the 2Box will be able to cover most of my sounds now. A lot of the sounds I've sampled so far (as well as many of those coming in the future) are currently not represented in the 2Box (Meinl Byzance and other darker Turkish-made cymbals, for example.)
So this got me thinking, is there a market for selling custom 2Box sounds? The website has many many drum kits, but cymbals are a bit thinner on the ground and most have a small amount of velocities compared to the drums. As a result I only have 1 or 2 of the factory cymbals saved.
If there is enough interest, the collection of cymbals available for the Drumit will increase by quite a bit over the next few years.
I will probably post a free cymbal soon to give an idea. It is a single-zone crash, because this particular cymbal does not have a good ride sound in my opinion. 44 velocity layers. Obviously anything for sale will have 3 zones (other than most stacks.)
Any thoughts are welcome.
General 2box Drumit 5 forum / US Power Supply?
July 25, 2019, 08:00:59 AM
For those of you in the US, has anyone had to replace the power supply? There are a few used 2Box modules floating around with either no power supply or one from overseas. I don't really want to spend the insane price 2Box is charging for their supplies (i see $50-something on one site!) Any alternatives?
General 2box Drumit 5 forum / Lots of Questions!
March 28, 2019, 02:20:05 AM

I recently discovered 2box and have a lot of questions -- sorry in advance! I figured this would be the best place to post rather than creating a bunch of separate threads...

Firstly, I am blind. I see there is a manual for blind users online. However, it appears none of the tools to create .dsnd files are accessible. Neither DSoundtool or the official editor from 2box show any text content that a screen reader will read, so they are basically blank screens for me. Is there any other way to create custom sample sets?

Related to the above, I found an example velocity map that can be used with DSoundtool, and it has velocities from 0 to 360, as opposed to the 0-127 MIDI standard. If, for example, I had a drum recorded at 40 velocities, how should this be scaled across the full range?

Next... My intentions for this module are to replace a large stick-played percussion setup that I own. What are good controllers for the 2box module? Obviously there is the pad set that 2box makes, though this is more along the lines of a standard drum kit setup. Is anyone using the Trap Kat XL or something similar to control their module? Any other suggestions? I want the most expressiveness possible.

Almost done...Does anyone have good suggestions for drum sample libraries that contain .wav samples without having to do a lot of workarounds? Specifically interested in cymbals, percussion and specialty drums like small snares, roto toms, octobans etc. So many libraries are encrypted nowadays which is very frustrating for those who wish to use the samples away from a computer...

Finally for now...I've found some posts where people discuss splitting the trigger inputs and adding more pads. Just to clarify, don't the pads already have 2 zones? So basically this allows for more pads, but not necessarily more sounds, since they could still be played from the rim of the original pads? Or is this incorrect? Hopefully this makes sense...

Thanks for any help!