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Full Set of 2Box Triggers! Everything you need to convert an electronic kit to acoustic!

Included are the following:
2Box Triggit Acoustic Drum Triggers
Like NEW in Box

Stealth Drum Triggers
10" Splash Cymbal (Single Zone)
16" Ozone Crash (3 Zone)
18" Crash (3 Zone)
20" Ride (3 Zone)
18" China Cymbal (Single Zone)
14" Hi Hat (2 Zone Cymbals
Integrated Hi Hat controller on PDP 805 3 Leg Stand

14" Roland 2Ply Mesh heads x2 (Like New) 40.00 each
12" Roland 2Ply Mesh head (Like New) 30.00
10" Roland 2Ply Mesh head (Like New) 20.00
22" Pintech Reaction Head (Like New) w Aquarian impact patch

Roland BT1 Trigger - 85.00

Aquarian Cymbal Springs (4) - 35.00

Will sell items separately. Shipping will be determined at time of sale.

Total for all items if purchased together: 800.00 (20 percent Discount)
Hello everyone.

i have the following cymbals for sale:

All Cymbals have Cymgard on them and are as follows:

16" Ozone Meinl HCS Crash with 3 Zone Jamn Trigger in Gold.
18": Meinl HCS Crash with 3 Zone Jamn Trigger in Gold
20" Zildjian L80 Ride with 3 Zone Jman Trigger in Gold
14" Sabian XS Hi Hats with 2 Zone Trigger in Gold and Hi Hat Controller Box (Comes on PDP 805 3 Legged Hi Hat Stand
10": Meinl Spalsh with Single Zone Trigger in Gold
18" : Zildjian ZXT China with Single Zone Trigger in Gold

2Box 12" Hi Hat Pad controller Like New in Box
2Box Drummit 5 MK1 w/ SD Card Expansion 32GB  with BFD3, SD2 and Jman Kits loaded. Like New in Box
2Box Triggit Trigger Set (BD, 2 Toms, and Snare) Like New in Box

Please feel free to message me and make me an offer on any of this. I have decided to go in a different direction. I know that there are quite a few of you looking for these. Lets work out a deal!