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I've been having a bit of an issue with cross-talk between head and rim. Basically, I have to use the X-TRG setting on all my snare and tom pads to prevent rim sound triggering when playing the head. This is not a problem with my tom pads which have center-mounted triggers, but on the snare some of the hits on the head get cancelled because the X-TRG function seems to think that they are cross-talk from a rim hit. The same thing happens both with a Roland PDX-12 and my recent DIY conversion which is a 14" snare with a Stealth ISM6 side-mounted trigger set. I've been experimenting with trigger settings and head tension but haven't been able to find a good balance. I can live with it if I'm very careful to always hit the exact center of the snare, but it is a bit annoying. It seems like the X-TRG algorithm is designed for center-mounted triggers. Has anybody else experienced this?
I wanted to try the free Steven Slate Drums 5.5 kit on my 2Box, but for some reason I have trouble getting SDSE to export it. When I click Export, SDSE tells me that the VST is not supported and opens up some kind of render mapping dialog in Reaper and I fully admit I don't know what it means. I'm using SDSE 2.9.8 and Reaper 6.29. I tried exporting from two other VSTs and they worked without any adjustments. Any advice?
Is it possible to run DrumIt Manager or SDSE exports on Linux/WINE? The search finds some mentions of someone running DrumIt Manager on Linux in 2010, but since then the code must have changed quite a bit. Elsewhere on the internet there are signs that people have successfully run e.g. Superior Drummer and Reaper on Linux, but how about SDSE?