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I believe certain settings (maybe X-Trg) aren't being preserved between power cycles on my 2box Drumit5 mkII. Even if a working config is saved beforehand, I know some settings aren't being applied until I modify the unit settings.

Issue A) At buzzroll velocity (lowest) it will trigger rim articulations on the head instead. This is with the following config:

Trig            Type    Gain      Thresh   Mask   Curve   Xtalk   X-Trg   X-Adj
Snare         PadPP     8            -48       1      Norm    Low     LP      0dB 
Snare Rim   AcTr2     8            -34       8      Norm    Low     HP      12dB

There is nothing wrong with these settings, I have a perfectly calibrated rim piezo on my snare.

However upon cold booting the module, issue A returns until I change a unit setting like Xtalk strength (to Medium in this case). It might not matter which setting I change, but the moment I do, it seems like my Xtalk / X-Trg settings apply correctly and issue A disappears immediately.

So it seems like certain unit settings are not loaded correctly when the module is cold booted.

With issue A being the only thing I see affected, I'm suspecting it's the X-Trg settings that aren't being read upon booting, because the .dkit has them saved correctly. So I can only guess that the boot sequence is not recalling all the saved unit settings from the dkit file.

Hopefully this bug can be resolved in a new OS Version.  :)
I believe I have discovered a bug whereby a footsplash (zone 9) note is triggered when striking the bow or edge while opening the hihat from a fully closed position.

A footsplash note will often replace what should have been a bow or edge articulation at the equivalent velocity layer. This is problematic for playing hihat barks occasionally.

The module doesn't seem to register (on the display) that it played a note from zone 9 when this happens either, so it's possibly not logged in MIDI - although I haven't checked this yet.

This is on Drumit5 MKII, with any hihat dsnd, with a Roland VH-11, but it would be good if other people could confirm this for me on their modules. This bug seems to be present regardless of calibration settings. If you have PFACT set accordingly to achieve foot splashes, this bug should be apparent.