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I no longer have room or time for my 2Box Drumit5 kit. It is currently dismantled, and I would rather it went to someone who will enjoy it rather than sit here and go (more) out of date.!AvEC4KT8mxCMq61ifpswNpc_uLVNQA!APEC4KT8mxCMp-l5

I bought it in various lots second hand so I cannot vouch for its entire life, but since I've had it's been played (rarely) at home, and never gigged. Functionally, I believe it is all working 100%, but cosmetically there are some scratches on racks and the orange backs of cymbals (a common problem). There are a couple of clamps where 'proper' drum screws have been replaced by nuts and bolts, and a couple of the mesh head have 'snags / pulls' in them (but still play and trigger fine).

I have modified the HiHat to separate the pad from the foot controller (so that you can position the pad wherever you want). Details about what I did are here:
I don't have the original snare drum stand as I preferred to mount the snare pad on the rack (and some of the clamps have longer 'L arms' to help with this).
I also cut one of the 60cm curved horizontal side arms in half and used one each side (at 30cm) - I found this was enough and reduced the kit footprint slightly. There are other rack tubes in the 'other' section so you could have 60cm each side if you needed it (although one of them would be silver and not grey)
The Drumit5 has the 32Gb SD card modification (done before I purchased it) and contains pretty much all the free samples available (drumit5, drumit3 and many others). I will of course remove anything that is copyrighted that I am not allowed to sell legally.

-3 x 14" Cymbals
-1 x 12" HiHat (modified)
-1 x 12" Cymbal (modified HiHat)
-5 x 10" Pads
-1 x 12" Pad
-1 x 16" Kick
-Kick Pedal with 'rubber ball' beater (alternative felt/plastic beater also included)
-Drumit 5 with 32Gb SD Card Modification and 2Box PSU
--2 x 70cm Uprights
--2 x 90cm Uprights
--2 x 90cm Curved Horizontals
--1 x 60s Curved Horizontal
--2 x 30cm Curved Horizontals
--8 x T Connectors
--6 x Pad mounts (clamp and hex rod)
--3 x Cymbal mounts (clamp and hex arm)
--2 x Modified Cymbal mounts (clamp and bolt)
--1 x Kick drum mount and clamp
--HiHat Stand and clamp (modified)
--1 x custom Drumit5 mount (plastic)
--1 x custom stick holder
--5 x 50cm TRS
--5 x 100cm TRS
--6 x 200cm TRS
--1 x 300cm TRS

I expanded the 2Box kit with additional pads, and then bought a TD3 as an auxiliary trigger for even more pads/cymbals. If someone wants the entire kit, then great. I do not want to split the 2Box kit, but I would consider selling that and the TD3 and other pads as a separate lot if preferred.

-Roland TD3 Brain and generic PSU
-1 x 7½" HD1 Rubber Pad (single zone)
-1 x 10" CY-5 Cymbal (single zone)
-1 x 8" Pintech TC Splash (single zone)
-3 x 4" Koby Nano Pads (single zone)
--1 x 40cm straight pipe (silver)
--1 x 60cm curved pipe (silver)
--4 x Clamps for cymbal/tom arms (2 x Dixon, 2 unnamed)
--3 x Pearl type tom mounts (for Koby pads)
--1 x Cymbal Arm
--1 x Alesis T clamp (plastic)
--1 x TD3 Mount (plastic)
--4 x adjustable pipe connectors (and 2 small lengths of tube)
--5 x 100cm Right Angle TRS
--3 x 130cm Jack to Mini Jack TS (for the Koby pads)

It is difficult to put a price on this, as it is a large collection of items (and will be worth different values to different people).


DrumIt 3 and DrumIt 5 Software - PC / Mac / Cakewalk Drum Map
« on: January 20, 2019, 08:08:41 AM »
If anyone else is using (or thinking of using) Cakewalk (and why not - it's free!) I've built a drum map for the 2Box.!AvEC4KT8mxCMqfAYa0ziTV0KwCc6Qw
Based on the default midi settings and tested on Cakewalk and Drumit5
Should work on Sonar and/or Drumit3 (but untested).
Hope this is useful!

e-drum DIY / modifications / Alternate Cymbal Mounts...
« on: November 25, 2018, 02:19:04 PM »
Just wanted to share something I discovered this weekend while re-organising my kit slightly.....
I've already posted that the hex arms used for toms and cymbals are the same as 10mm allen keys (and I use a couple of long allen keys as longer reach tom arms on my kit).
I am adding a couple of extra cymbals to my kit, and don't have enough cymbal arms so started looking at alternatives.
I discovered that the plastic 'ball joint' fittings are capable of clamping an M8 bolt quite succesfully (despite being a smaller diameter than the 10mm hex rods), and so I have now created a couple of very small cymbal mounts using a 2Box clamp, a long M8 coach bolt and a locking nut.
I'd already discovered that if you don't want the clamp to be at 90degrees to the rock pole, you can remove one of the countersunk allen bolts holding the two halves of the clamp together and then rotate the sections to any angle you want.
I now have my two main crash cymbals mounted very neatly just above the top of the upright rack poles:

Also - if you find (as I did) that the limited adjustability on the standard cymbal arms prevents you from getting the cymbal angle you want, I suggest a simple 'adjustment' of the arm..... It's only aluminium and you can bend it over your knee to get the required angle  :D

General 2box Drumit 5 forum / New OS 1.32.4
« on: November 21, 2018, 06:37:31 PM »
Anyone know what has changed in 1.32.4?
I can't see anything on the site to say??

Drumit Next Gen / Ideas for next OS release?
« on: November 18, 2018, 08:24:12 AM »
Just wanted to suggest an idea for consideration....
The 'Sound' option (on Page34 of the D5 manual) is quite useful for selecting which Zone you want available - but there seems to be an option missing.
On a cymbal (typically the Ride) I'd like to be able to play the bell sound (on the bell) and the bow sound (on the bow) but not the edge sound (typically a crash sound). There seems to be lots of options, but not that one!
I can get round this by editing sounds to remove the edge samples, but it would be more convenient if this was an option from the 'Sound' setting.....

Been building my own sounds using the 2Box editor, but just about to try a HiHat sound.
I understand the bow/edge and variable numbers of 'openness' samples...
But there appears to be only one slot for 'foot' - is it possible to create a DSND that contains both foot hit (closed) and a foot splash? And if so, how do we do it?

General 2box Drumit 5 forum / Drumt5 Pads Rim Trigger Sensitivity
« on: October 28, 2018, 10:26:42 AM »
I'm using standard D5 tom pads, and just started experimenting with alternative sounds on the rim triggers (before I think about splitting the inputs and buying more pads etc.)
The LocalXtalk setting is very good for isolating the two trigger inputs (so that you can clearly play either without the other triggering) - naturally this has some impact on the playability of some of the 'normal' samples (where the rim samples sound a bit better when played with the head sound).
However, I am finding the trigger level output from the rim triggers low - with the gain fully up I still need to use the Pos2 Curve setting to get near to a maximum trigger input. I've tried some of the other trigger types, but these are no better.
Is this normal for these pads, or could I have a hardware problem?

General 2box Drumit 5 forum / OS 1.32 and Cymbal Trigger Types
« on: October 01, 2018, 11:31:37 AM »
Just wondering what cymbal trigger settings you are using on d5 running 1.32?
It appears we now have the CyPSV trigger type which is listed in the d3 manual as the correct type for the 2Box cymbals. But there is still a Cym12 in there (but not Cym14)
Has the PSV option replaced the Cym14 type?
Is that what we should be using for the normal 2Box cymbals?

If anyone is willing to share their actual trigger settings for 2Box cymbals as well (gain, threshold etc) that would also be useful.
Every time i sit down to play i end up changing the settings, and I'm not sure if I'm making it better or worse each time!
(I'm at work at the moment, so i cant put my settings up, but i will do later)

General 2box Drumit 5 forum / HiHat Open/Closed Sounds and 'mute groups'
« on: September 20, 2018, 04:09:17 PM »
I know there are many comments about the 2Box HiHats and how good (or not) they are.
Mostly, I'm happy with mine so far, but I've found some odd behaviour and I want to check if this is 'normal'.
I don't think it's a calibration issue (but please correct me if I'm wrong).
I'm using Groove_15_HiHat off the default 'Live' kit on the D5.

I can get 3 or 4 different samples by moving the pedal (closed, 1/4 open, 1/2 open, fully open etc)
But as far as I can tell, the only thing that 'mutes' an open HiHat sample is the pedal closed action (i.e. HH pedal fully depressed). I can play a fully open sample, and then close the pedal slightly and play 1/2 open samples (while the fully open sample continues to 'ring'). If I'm careful with my foot I can actually get the pedal down enough to play closed HiHat samples while the open HiHat sample is still playing. This leads to a fairly unnatural sound.
On older electronic drums (and drum machines), open and closed hihat sounds would be in a 'mute group' so that one automatically stops the other.
It seems that the D5 is relying purely on the pedal closed action to stop the other samples?

Can anyone confirm if this is 'normal', something that can be adjusted by settings somewhere, or perhaps a problem I've caused by modifying my hihat pad??


DrumIt 5 Hardware / Quiet Kick Beater
« on: September 14, 2018, 07:27:39 PM »
Looking at options for a quieter kick drum beater.... (to reduce impact noise on the head etc.)
I know Thomann sell the proper 2Box beaters
How quiet are the tennis ball type beaters on the 2Box kick pad?
I know Thomann used to do their own Orange versions of these, but it looks like they are discontinued  :(
There are some on eBay, but quite expensive:
Not sure if these Cajon beaters are the same thing?

Also found this on eBay - anyone ever tried a 'silicone' beater??

G4M sell a Roland one that appears to be designed to be quiet:
Anyone tried that?

Any thoughts/suggestions appreciated....

My D5 brain has an external card reader, so I am moving the card between the D5 and the PC when updating sounds / settings etc.
In the past I have used the Microsoft 'SyncToy' app to keep folders for external devices synchronised - so I keep a copy of the 'current SD card' on my PC, and update that using the PC software, then just sync the actual SD card with that folder. This should update files in both directions (based on modified date) and warn of any conflicts etc.
However, it seems like the D5 brain doesn't update the file modified date? I've modified a kit on the brain, brought the SD back to the PC and the file modified date/time is identical. I can open the two .dkit files (SD card and PC) and they are different (showing the change I made on the D5) - but because the modified date has not changed, my Sync program won't work.
I know I can update files manually, but I'm a geek and I like to automate these things :D

Can anyone else confirm that the D5 doesn't update the modified date?


DrumIt 5 Hardware / 2Box kit with centre hihat and symetrical layout
« on: September 03, 2018, 05:08:47 AM »
Initial build of my customised / personalised 2Box kit is complete - and I'm happy with the build so far:

Remote HiHat conversion,3874.0.html to allow separate pad and stand has been successful, and on initial playing tests the tom and cymbal layout is great for 'open' style playing.

It has also allowed for a much smaller footprint (which is good as space is limited at the moment) - kit (without stool) only takes approx. 60cm x 120cm floorspace.

A lot more work to be done on trigger and kit settings, and (according to my wife) I need to look at rubber matting / drum riser to reduce the noise downstairs (!) - but overall I'm really pleased.....

DrumIt 5 Hardware / Adjusting kick pedal to work with Bass Drum pad
« on: August 27, 2018, 02:19:18 PM »
Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a 2Box kick pedal for my kit, so I'm trying to assemble it using a Mapex pedal I bought 2nd hand....
Due to the length of the horizontal bracket coming out from the 2Box kick pad, and the shallow depth of the mounting clamp on the Mapex pedal, it seems my pedal is further away from the pad than ideal.
The beater is not hitting the skin flat (but I can probably resolve that with a different beater head).
The bigger problem is the pedal footplate is so low when the beater reaches the skin, it is hitting on the wing bolt underneath (used to tighten the clamp).
Looking online at various 'adjusting your kick pedal' articles, some suggest that better pedals have an adjustment on the chain cam where you can rotate this around the axle to vary the pedal height in relation to the beater.
I tried this, the cam does have an allen bolt in it, but it seems it is only intended for making lateral changes (moving it side to side) - the main axle is hexagonal, so the cam cannot be rotated. (I suppose in theory, if I could completely dismantle the pedal, it could be moved to the next face of the hexagonal shaft - but I don't know if I can dismantle it that far and still get it back together again!)

The only other option I can see is to shorten the chain somehow. If I temporarily move the chain one or two links up on the cog teeth, then this seems to be a good solution - but after a few hits the chain jumps back to it's normal position.

I suppose I could take an angle grinder to the 2Box Kick pedal mounting bracket to shorten it, but I'm not keen to do that (and I'm not sure how much closer the pedal can get without risking the cam/chain rubbing on the skin).

Anyone have any experience / ideas on how to shorten a kick pedal chain, or can suggest any other alternatives? (Other than keep looking for a 2Box pedal - which I am doing anyway!!)

e-drum DIY / modifications / Remote HiHat Project
« on: August 12, 2018, 06:55:36 AM »
I like to play with a central hihat. Partly for playability and 'open handed' styles, but mostly because I suffer with RSI in my right shoulder, and reaching over to the 'traditional' hihat location aggravates it.
(I know, I should learn to be ambidextrous and play hihat with my left - believe me I have tried, but my left arm is not as good as my right, and probably never will be).
With my early kits (with separate hihat controller pedals) I did this a lot, and with acoustic (and my old ddrum4) I experimented with cable hihats - and they do work, but (certainly the cheaper cables) have a 'lag' which is mildly frustrating. And the cable hats are an additional cost...

So with my 2Box project, I decided to take the (very useful) info from this thread:,897.0.html
(Thanks Manfred!)
and build a remote version of the 2Box HiHat.....

I am fortunate in that in my desire to build up a 'non-standard' 2Box kit I have bought a number of 'job lots' of gear, and I have ended up with 2 hihat pads. However, 80% of this plan could be done with a single hihat pad - you would just need to design an alternative mounting for the hihat pad.

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