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Anyone noticed the now OS update?
It's a minor update, still goood news to all of us  :)
Thanks 2box!

Update.Something is wrong. Download contains the same OS 1.30 bin file. So it's only the text about update, but no download...  :-\

DrumIt 5 Hardware / HiHat stand disassembly ... and minor upgrade
« on: March 01, 2016, 01:33:28 PM »
Hi all friendly e-drummers,

This could be useful for those of you, who continue using stock 2box Hihat stand and find its spring too weak.

I've been reading different topics about hihat settings, calibration and problems and mostly the first suggestion was to start with replacement the stock hihat stand as it's spring seems too weak for proper speed pedal work.
When I saw Drumit Five kit for the first time, it's the clean look of the hihat stand/ pedal that I liked about it first. Clearly, I was not very excited about the idea to swap it when I got my the kit, especially since the rod diameter for my IronCobra hihat stand is smaller anyway and doesn't fit at all.
So, the only option for me was to try to actually improve the existing 8)

I didn't find any instructions or topics about taking to pieces the stand, that's why after finishing my job I decided to post my experience and pictures to make it easier for people wishing to do the same. Sorry for my poor English, if someone can't understand something, just PM me. Also sorry for some pictures being blurry, just was trying to take them with one hand during the process.

What I did
1) disassemble the stand
All you need basically is a hand tool with 9 mm socket (Tool 1) and a 10 mm wrench (Tool 2):

a)After you take off the upper tube of the stand and unscrew the upper part of rod, you need to take the hand tool with 9 mm socket and put it on the upper nut (inside the tube) of the lower part of rod.
b)Now holding the lower part of stand in one hand (or better even pressing it against ome hard surface) you have to press with Tool 1 the spring down until in the lower part of the rod just above pedal below the two pieces of felt you see the 10 mm nut. Picture is after disassembly, bet you can see the 10 mm nut between felt and U type clamp:
c) Using your third hand :D or some vice you have to grip and hold from moving the U type clamp which holds the pedal chain and screws on the end of rod.
d) Still holding the upper nut with Tool 1 + having fixed the U type clamp, use Tool 2 to screw the 10 mm nut a little bit UPWARDS (clockwise) - just enough to release from grip the U type clamp.
c) Put down the Tool 2 and still keeping fixed the U type clamp, unscrew from it the rod by screwing the upper nut with Tool 1 anticlockwise.
d) Unscrew the 10 mm nut from the lower part of rod using Tool 1 and Tool 2. Don't lose both felts after removing nut.
e) Remove the rod together with spring from the lower tube (be careful, it is greasy).
To put everything back, just do all the opposite way :)
It would be wise thought to clean the rod and renew the grease on it before putting back if it looks dry or gets some dirt on it during process.
2) Improve the spring action
I decided to go the simplest way (some of you could maybe choose to replace the spring with the firmer one) - to put some distancer between the tip of spring and the tip of lower tube, which is basically what the hihat spring adjustment does, only in this case it is more or less permanent. So, the bigger is this distance, the firmer will be the pedal and vice versa.

What you need is some gasket/nut with thickness according your preferences for spring resistance and with diameter small enough to just fit in lower tube but big enough to stop the spring. I used about 2 cm thick nut for this.
f) if you have no complaints about other things (like the swaying upper part of rod), just put the gasket/rod in the lower tube and assemble the stand back. If you (like me) also want to stop the upper part of rod from swaying, go to step 3)

3) fix the swaying rod
For this you will have to take to parts the lower part of rod, so
g) the spring and the gasket will have to be removed from the lower part of rod.
h) clean the grease from the rod (I will admit, I did manage without doing it  ;)).
i) fix the nut connecting both parts of rod in some vice so that the small hole, which goes through it, isn't covered.
j) using some small steel bit (I used a hex key from my tool set) knock out the small stopper from within the hole
k) unscrew the nut from the rod (anticlockwise)
l) take some plumber's flax / hemp and wrap it clockwise around the thread in a thin layer. Apply the plumber's paste afterwards
m) carefully screw back on the nut, make sure the hole through the nut is visible at the end of process.
n) using pliers press the small stopper (it has a cleft along the line) and press it back in the hole. After some distance you can use a hammer to complete it.

That's it,  now you can assemble everything back.

The results are the complete success
1) the pedal is much firmer (some would like it maybe less firm)
2) The rod doesn't sway
3) I can play much faster and more precise
4) Hopefully, some of you won't ditch the cute looking original 2box hihat stand :D

 and thanks others of you for sharing your great ideas!

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