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General chit-chat / Black Friday at
« on: November 29, 2020, 07:12:18 AM »

If anybody is interested there is one day left for the Black Friday deals. :-)

Best regards

Anders / www.Zourman.con

Hi! Just for fun..and I think my old post disappeared about speed up the discussion on this forum:

I have with Keith’s approval made two test designs based on KRC (Keith Raper Circuit) - but I newer launched them officially. One single circuit implementation and one dual.

In my example below - (KRCs on steroids) I have made them for 2box DrumIt Three and Five MKII which have support for Yamaha 3 zone triggers on the inputs. (Snare input) - in this dual implementation (shown in the video below)...I am feeding a dual KRC with 3 piezo signals(Dual piezos generated from RT-10S and one piezo from BT-1)...and convert 2 of them to switch type of signal.

Works ok for my purposes...I am currently working on a implementation 2 of these boxes with some new technology...we will see if I succeed!

This implementation is demonstrated using 101Drums 3 zone snare sample for 2box. 101Drums snares is a Swedish brand...which is building snares on composite materials which gives you a very good tone. I just saw...even mr Ian Paice got one...

Best regards

Anders / / Great hh & ride conversions, samples and card mods.

You can find the Dsound Manager as a part of the DKIT Manager from

One of the functions found in Dsound Manager is the ability to set the volume per zone on existing dsnd files! A fantastic function!

Best Regards

Anders / / 32GB Mod Kits, Hi-hat & Ride Conversions, Samples and Sticks for 2box!

Checkout this nice demo of the MKII played by Ralf at Drum-tec

Best regards

Anders /

Almost there…:-)

Best Regards

Anders /

Private - for sale / wanted / Black Friday!
« on: November 29, 2019, 06:45:46 AM »


I just launched some new snare samples for 2box DrumIt Five/Three. This time they are based on a swedish upcoming snare company, 101Drums, which have some very special snares for pop/hardrock.

Have a look at for more information!

Best Regards

Anders /



Last year I introduced a conversation solution for ddrum4se. This product is a very niche product with a limited market based on that the ddrum4 was introduced 1998. (20 years ago!)
(I am guessing that the originally magnet gives up in the ddrum4 cast hihat and new ones is impossible to find)

So, just for fun..I created a solution which used a Roland VH-11 hh and made a conversation box to adapt to the ddrum4 pedal signals. (It will work on ddrum3 as well)

Sometimes...You get amazed...I just sold my 15th module for ddrum! Fun! People out there seems to still be using the ddrum4 SE and I can just agree that it is an extremely nice drum module to play with!

Some product info.
The Zourman Drums hi-hat conversion module for ddrum4 SE replaces a standard ddrum4 or ddrum4 SE CAST hi-hat (hall effect-based sensor) with your favourite Roland hi-hat. The historical ddrum4 SE drum module was introduced already 1998 and have since then been one of the legendary giants on the market. But to get these real old propriety systems to work with new technology has been a big challenge – but after many customer requests of getting a replacement for the ddrum4 legacy hi-hat – a solution was created – The Zourman Drums Hi-hat Conversion Module for ddrum4.

The solution is 100% plug and play (only ddrum4 SE hi-hat calibration needed) and handles Roland hi-hat pad (bow supported only) and the hi-hat control pedal through the two input connectors. The Zourman electronics and intelligence combine the two trigger signals and deliver the output into a standard ddrum4 SE hi-hat input (single stereo jack).

A new way to search and categorise their downloadable sounds. (But this maybe happened earlier this year)

However, I was able to find my 1920s Ludwig Black Beauty Snare on their site for download and pre-listening.

This is a 3 zone version for the DI 3 factory samples which is a lighter version of the “real” samples  found on my site - available for sales.

Anybody interested can find the complete library at

Best regards

Anders /

e-drum DIY / modifications / Virtual Clutch with foot switch...
« on: May 12, 2019, 07:54:28 AM »

I recently got a proposal from a customer to modify my hi-hat conversion module for FD-8/VH-11 with Virtual Clutch for 2box DrumIt Five. The "mod" was instead of using a plain switch for controlling the virtual clutch, now got replaced by a foot switch. (And thinking of it, I should have done this years ago on my design!)

I have previously built some guitar effect boxes to I had the right foot switch in stock. :-)

The virtual clutch function works like this - you can be pre-define the hi-hat pedal position in advance (adjustable from closed to half open hi-hat). When pressing the foot switch it will go from normal hi-hat pedal use to the pre-defined pedal value. Extremely useful if using double kicks etc...

Note: Even if running in virtual clutch mode...and pressing the hi-hat pedal, it will move from the pre-defined pedal position to closed - if any gap defined.

Now after the mod - the footswitch on the conversion module controls this function rapidly from your feet….

Best Regards

Anders /

In case you have not seen it:

Compability List for 2box Three–-DrumIt-Three-21-1.pdf

Best Regards

Anders /


I like to create stuff...(no surprises to many of you who have bought my conversion modules)

This time I created my own hi-hat pedal control. (!)

Have a look:

It is IR based, no external PSU, 3D printed design and adopted to 2box native hi-hat support.

As said, I was just fiddling around for fun..and I am not sure it will be a product for the market.
But it was fun!

Best regards

Anders /

I recently made an instruction video for 2box on how to configure, optimize and tweak their new DrumIt Three module with Roland's hi-hat VH-12 and VH-13.

There is also a written QuickStart guide available to read more about how to deal with hi-hats on DrumIt Three:

(I have also included my best settings for Roland 3 zone rides like CY-12CR, CY-13R and CY-15R in this guide for DrumIt Three.

Best regards

Anders /

General chit-chat / Just for fun...
« on: December 22, 2018, 09:02:28 AM »

Me and Allan at digitalDrummer had recently a chat about how a pair of real e-sticks would be designed and have for kind of specs. Allan have tested many e-sticks from several manufacturers in dD through the years.

We decided that a pair with the stick size 7A and which was equipped with a nylon tip would probably be our perfect choice when selecting models.

Of course, I’ve needed to try is in reality, so I contacted and got these manufactured and branded with my and digitalDrummer logos...:-)

Best regards

Anders /

I think the e-stickz turned out to

DrumIt 5 Hardware / Black Friday is here!
« on: November 23, 2018, 04:17:00 PM »

That means the BEST SALE OF THE YEAR!
For a limited time, we’re offering 15% OFF EVERYTHING in our webshop for the Zourman Drums Roland to 2box and more conversion modules.

No limit. Use the code as many times as you like.
Share the code with friends and colleagues!
Act fast. The code expires Tuesday, November 26, 2018.
Your discount code: BF2018

Best Regards

Anders / Zourman Drums

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