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Hi all
Some sounds I have made of my acoustic kit have bad layers, need to properly trim Silences from sample start of a few of the layers. There was an app called DsdnTool before, does that still exist? Would be a lot easier to just inspect a bad sample than have to remake it.
Thanks in advance.
For anyone wanting to try out some samples of my kit, all drums have been moved to this folder. There's a hihat and 2 crashes to be done still, when I do them, they'll be in this folder.

There's 5 toms in there too. 8 x 8, 10 x 8, 12 x 8, 13 x 9 and 15 x 14. All have a rimshot and rimclick versions. All have a small amount of ambience but only the 10 has a dry versions. It was by mistake, but I might make dry versions of the rest in time. It's just a very long process, holy crap!

I noticed on the 8 x 8 rimshot, during the sampling process, it seems like the pitch of the drum changed as I was sampling it. Either that or the rimshot articulation does actually bend the note, I was hitting it very hard, so perhaps that's what it is, but just thought to mention I didn't notice at the time.

Hope you like, any and all feedback welcomed. 
A really great channel did an unboxing video recently. Have a look...

Asking for a friend, as I don't have the module (at the moment) to check if this can be done, so I am turning to you awesome folk.

So, what my friend wants is to fire a stereo track from a pad, wav or mp3 format, routed to a pair of outputs/headphone socket.

Simultaneously firing a mono click track of that song to a separate output (routed to headphone out or mono out to a headphone amp etc) but being triggered at the same time from the same pad.

As far as I know, it can be done on a piezo/piezo pad so long as the cross talk isn't canceling out one hit over the other. So whatever the trigger type would be for that. PadPP or something right? The triggering at the same time would done by assiging the click to say, the rim and the track to the pad and playing a rimshot.

Now, here's where I am sketchy.

Routing. Could you have the rim assigned to one out and the centre to another?

Note, use of on board metronome isn't really suitable incase there are tempo changes or time signatures. So the track/click would be pre-made on a DAW and mixed down prior to loading onto the Drumit5 mk2.

If this is possible, each kit could be simply called by the title of the tune and life will be good and I will have done my bit for a friend who's just figuring out the awesome sound of this module.

Thank you in advance.

General 2Box Drumit 3 Forum / SD card read speed
November 30, 2019, 05:23:39 PM
Hello Gang,

I used to have 2 Dit3 modules, now I have one. When I had two I had one module for cymbals, one for drums. There's a 3zone sound I put together that I had no issue with on the two modules, now I am using the one I have left (the one that used to have cymbals only) I am finding major sporadic latency on this sound. No other sound is affected, just this one. It's quite big (40+ layers on each zone)

I am wondering if I should replace the SD card.

Any ideas?
Thanks to very expensive Van repair, I have to sell some stuff.

Roland Td15 module with rack clamp and cables £300
Pintech 18” visulite 18” 3 zone ride in black in excellent condition £150
Jobeky 13” brass hats with controller £100

All in UK
Just wondering if anyone has an idea about this:
I have an aquarian Onhead plus a Rimshot connected to an inbox. A single TRS cable comes out into the Drumit3 into the snare input. No matter what I do, I cannot get a clean rimshot, just get the centre sound. By which I mean the rimshot sound of that DSDN triggered when I play a rimshot. The PadPS trigger type works fine with normal mesh pad (rim and centre piezo) I have tried the various Trigger types and the only way to get a rim trigger is by setting it to PadPP which gives each an independent trigger, but not that clean rimshot I have gotten used to.
I had the same issue before with a TD15 btw.
Just wondered if anyone knew why?
10" 12" 14" 20" and 22" sizes.

All brand new and not been used. UK based, will post given carriage charges, PM in interested.
General 2box Drumit 5 forum / New drumit5 module!
January 24, 2019, 09:44:48 PM
Hey chaps,
Just seen some videos of a new drumit5 module. Looks like it's got a card reader this time! No doubt it's got the new universal triggering, anyone know of any other changes?
General 2Box Drumit 3 Forum / Hiss.....
October 08, 2018, 12:22:56 AM
I have sampled (the long way around as I don't have a windows machine to do the SDSD app) and it's long winded but works. But I find at the tail end of the various samples I get system hiss, does this happen with Ising the one-click method on SDSD? Just wondering. I came cut it back by shortening the decay, and this kinda cleans it up for live and the sounds I have ripped from EZ and Superior drummer are really really nice, but just that his at the end. Enerds Peavey kit samples also have it so perhaps its just one of them things I have to deal with. I know I could probably apply some plug in to eliminate hiss, I know there's one on Logic (what I use to sample) but was worried it would kill some of the fidelity of the overall sound. In the mix when the band is playing it's not noticeable, so it's a minor thing. But just wanted to ask other users of their experience.
General 2Box Drumit 3 Forum / Yamaha PSY115
August 27, 2018, 11:44:24 PM
Anyone got a Di3 with the Yamaha PSY115? I am getting edge sound on the bell at random hits, sometimes quite loud and as I use the Randy Black ride sample, the edge isn't very nice. I have the right trigger setting (CpSY) and all the gains threshold etc are right. It's less so if I hit with the tip of the stick, but not totally eliminated.
I have just bought a 2nd Drumit3 module so no longer have use for the drumit5. It's got some signs of wear over the many tours I have done with it, but all works fine.


Also have a full set of pads and 3 x 14" cymbals. All cymbals are working but have worn edges.
£50 for each cymbal.
£50 2box hihat controller.
£50 for each 10" pad
£60 for 12"
£75 for 14" kick

Also have the rack and all clamps, cymbal arms, snare stand and kick pedal. All working but have  marks after being gigged extensively for almost 8 years.

Can do a deal for all of it.
Has anyone tried the Drumit3 with the XP/TP120SD 3 zone pad? I am thinking to try it out. I would really like to have snare, rimshot and side stick sounds from one pad.
Just wondered what anyone's experience is.
General 2Box Drumit 3 Forum / Hihat issue
April 29, 2018, 11:05:16 PM
Okay so for the second gig in a row, I have had this issue.

Fully closed hihat sound, just half opens a few bars later with no change to foot position. I had the kit set up for two weeks at home and this didn't happen once. Stripped it down for two gigs back to back (Sturday and Sunday) and it happened in every song on both gigs.

I should have re-calibrated in the hall time break, but I didn't do I can't rule that out as non remedy. Also, didn't change cable to the controller so can't rule that out as a remedy. Just wondered if anyone has some insight.

I am using a Goedrum controller with a Jobeky Real Feel hat hat top.
General 2box Drumit 5 forum / Xpad Xrim settings
March 17, 2018, 02:31:25 PM
Jman recent mantioned how the xrim and xpad Settimbs work. I was wondering has anyone successfully achivied separate rim/separation? So I’m essense have a snare sample on the pad and a rimshot sample of that snare on the rim and able to achieve clean separation of rim/head for realistic playing via the module. I have Td15 and it’s got a head/rimshot balance setting for this and you can get it pretty good

I am intrigued about the 3 zone function of the drumit3. Like Roland, I assume this is attained via a centre mounted sensor pad, anyone know how well it works?
Hey peoples!
The awesome person that is Endre eNerd has released some custom Dani Gerendas Tama Starclassic voices for the 2box module.

Although he offers them as free downloads he also requests if you like them to make a donation, which I will now.

The original Radio Pro voices are there too but if you scroll down you'll see the new ones. I haven't tried them yet but props have to go Endre for keeping alive the power of the drumit5.

I salute you sir!

General 2box Drumit 5 forum / 14" cymbal repair
June 18, 2017, 10:53:17 PM
Hello all,
It's gone a bit quiet here hasn't it? Anyway, I repaired a 14" 2box cymbal pad by replacing the one donut shaped piezo around the hole for two 10mm piezo and apart from the hassle of cleaning the cymbals plates, sourcing some neoprene dampening, glueing it back, then the soldering, it was really easy, just a bit time consuming. It triggers fine, like before. But I suspect it's a little "HOT" even with gain at 0db. So was thinking of adding a resistor to the wiring. Does anyone know where I would solder this and what impedance?

Thank you in advance.
At the gig last night, my newest cymbal trigger pad started playing up. It's the newest one I have too.
The fault can only be described as an intermittent reduction of gain. Hardest hits result in a light trigger response, bell only, edge too but no bow. Then all of a sudden it's fine again for a little bit. Then back to fault. As I understand they're not the easiest to repair but repair I must.
So anyone with experience with this?
General 2box Drumit 5 forum / Latency Live!
May 07, 2017, 07:32:16 AM
I posted something about this before and chatted to someone who'd had a similar issue, but does anyone use the whole kit live (hats, cymbals and drums) and notice latency? Namely on snare or ride (that'w where I notice it myself)
I could never seems to get it to happen to any noticeable effect at home in a quiet environment but live, it's quite a lot. Not to an audience, but as drummers when we feel the stick hitting a pad and the sound in the cans changed by even 5 milliseconds, it sticks out like a jumbo sausage at a Barmitz-vah!
I can only conclude that when there's a lot of ambient noise, most probably in the bass register, the module goes a bit nuts dealing with the constant rumble that must be coming down the piezos. I tend set up next to the bassist, who's go a 6 x 10" cab and even though I am using an electric kit, with NO amplification as I monitor through IEM, he still sets his volume as if he's playing with MOTORHEAD! So with that, the guitarist on the other side of me, follows suit! And that say drummers are the noisy ones!!! It begs the question, "what they hell are they playing to, Samaforo???"
Anyway just thought if anyone else had this also.