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Yes choke works. Although I just found out that there could be some single misstriggering where bell gives edge sound.
Se the review from edrum workshop.
I had that to but did not think so much about it until I watched the review.

And choke worka to.

Just for the record if someone reads this thread.
Yamahas three zone cymbals works really well with all
three zones on drumit3. A used yamaha cymbal could be a really good deal if you are a drumit3 owner.😊

Hi all, I have a problem when using tom inputs with Piezo Switch pad and setting PS.
The choosen rim sound is sent out from my drumit3 module
but the corresponding midi is not sent when hitting the rim.
The midi note and the sound is sent when pushing more + trigger button, which implies that the software for this is there, but not working when pad is hit.
Is this a known bug?

General 2Box Drumit 3 Forum / Re: Yamaha RHH135 Hi-Hat no half-open
« on: March 25, 2022, 06:08:06 PM »
I recently bought a drumit3 and also have problems with my RHH135 hi-hat.
Its realy hard to get a good and realistic feel moving from open to close.
Have you been using the screw driver adjustment. When I did that I came closer to something that works.
Now I actually use my old dtxpress 4 module for the hi-hat and send MIDI to the drumit3. This works better than triggering the hi-hat from The drumit module.

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