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It also could be memory degradation. I've also started to notice sound glitching on a number of my kits on my 64GB card.

I swapped in my known working 32GB backup card to test, only to find it wasn't even bootable in 2box with No OS detected. Everything looked fine and readable on the PC however, so I copied everything off, formatted with SD Card Formatter, copied it all back. Now it's working perfectly, no glitching.

MLC cards...  :( Now I need to do the same with the 64GB card, 2box is very sensitive to bad memory.

General 2box Drumit 5 forum / Re: Unofficial 1.40 OS
April 11, 2023, 01:31:10 PM
Good find ANGR77!

I wonder if SDSE could integrate the new 1.40 OS compression as an option?

If the new compression is indeed lossless (not a sample rate reduction as 2box editor tuning limit) it's sounds like a win for memory saving, especially for hi-hats.

Can you also revert the compressed dsnd back into WAVs with the FAME editor?
Another phenomenal update!

Possible issue exporting stock kits in EZDrummer 3; I don't think it's rendering bow tips for crash 3 and 4 slots - the exports only have edge zones. Ref notes 31 and 96.
Very suboptimal to use the limited amount of cymbal inputs on the 2box for a tom pad - but to answer your question; yes technically a tom pad will trigger from the cymbal input, 1 (head) zone only, but you will not have optimal mesh head trigger configs available on that cymbal input.
General 2Box Drumit 3 Forum / Re: latency DrumIt three
October 27, 2022, 04:45:07 PM
Accessing a 32/64GB card over the USB connection doesn't damage the module, it just corrupts the card I thought?

Anyway if you want to do the mod I highly recommend the kit on

This way you have reliable pre-tested card. Then all you need to buy is a basic USB SD Card reader for your PC.

The card mod would be a no brainer for me, but then I have a Drumit 5 MKII.
Yeah this needs way more exposure, probably for the Mimic Pro more so than 2box! But I'll give you 12 out of 10 for the amount of work you've put into this Luke, and I agree with your tonal approach 100%

I highly recommend you release a set of toms - those would be absolutely critical for the Mimic Pro right now. Use the same mix presentation you've done for this Pork Pie snare.

Not asking for Yamaha Recording Customs but go for wider note spacing than what Slate did, i.e. 8/10, 12, 16.

I'm sure whatever you pick will be expertly produced!
SanDisk Ultra SDHC is pretty old but is well vouched for by experienced users here. I think the various speed ratings they offer are questionable. I much prefer the modern MicroSDs which have the A1 rating on them so I have the certainty of high IOPS and therefore, low access latency. The reliability factor is unfortunately always luck of the draw.

I would download SSD-Z

Run the random access time benchmark and make sure you are getting under 0.5ms on average across the board with no spikes beyond 1ms on that SanDisk Ultra
What 64 GB SD Card are you using exactly?
Setup guides and tips / Re: Additional cymbals
July 28, 2022, 05:41:10 PM
Splitting inputs is absolutely possible. I'm using 4x Hosa YPP-117

Do read the manual, but yes, pressing More + the input, then changing the instrument is how it's done.

I would recommend you reserve cymbal inputs for actual cymbals (with edge switches) as only those 3 channels support aftertouch. e.g. 3x CY-15R for Cymbal1-3 would be the optimum setup as that's 3 zones for each cymbal with aftertouch.

Only split Toms input 1-4 with the splitters = 1-zone tom and 1-zone cymbal.

I've added a china, splash, cowbell and xhat this way.
I just hope Lustar is okay, I haven't seen him active on here since 12 May.

But yes, SDSE support for the Mimic Pro editor (however that materialises) would be very beneficial.

I think the critical things would be disabling the hihat export. Adding snare center, side, rimclick, sidestick, rimclick, rimshot side in 1-stage. Adding choke rings to the cymbal exports.

As it stands now, the manual export can work fairly well I think.
Well analysis paralysis is my tagline!  ;D

My only frustration is that the Mimic Pro has just become highly desirable for open source 2box drummers.

If I'd known about an instrument editor last year I would probably own a Mimic Pro right now as I was on a knife edge with my initial decision. But the rules were clear at the time - buy what's available now, not what may (or may never) happen in the future. Ignorance is bliss, as the saying goes.

Saying that, I've had so much fun with 2box and SDSE.
Let's be more specific please, as that would be giving Pearl benefit of the doubt, by suggesting they leaked (by intention) information to peak interest. The update file however, was very much available to download and then pulled offline shortly afterwards. That is not a leak, that's a mistake.

An impatient and unforgiving public (to steelman that idea) would be a neurotic audience. They will only get agitated with leaks. i.e. They know the update exists, are not allowed to have it, and now can't discuss it properly. To Pearl I'd say it's better not to leak anything.

To clarify, I don't believe the beta testers are leaking info, but forum enthusiasts are beta testing. That responsibly is linked irrevocably. The issue of agitation exists here as well - I don't think those individuals do a good job hiding that link.
Yeah it's funny they somehow spilled the news out by accident after hyping it (which was also a silly idea) inviting overly excitable forum fans to test your products is also a bad idea. They should be inviting beta testers who respect NDAs but maybe Pearl is also partly responsible.

On the topic; yup I think the reign of 2box might be over as the best open source drum module however I think there is still a good market value in 2box. It's TD50X owners and especially GEWA G9 owners who have just lost their investments.

It's still early days but I'd like a few more details before I jump ship, just to get an idea of what it's true capabilities would be.
This is an old thread but I consider myself to have good ears on all the differences in quality between playback from an EZX/SDX kit* through balanced monitors and playback of said kit from unbalanced 2box monitors.

You can degrade your sound quality far worse with a number of poor user decisions than what the physical limitations of conversion will do. Mono only and Max Tune being two of the worse culprits. But if you set your exports to the best possible settings; I would say you'll be about 90% of the raw quality would you have direct feed, all things considered.

1) The conversion from 24-bit to 16-bit does raise the noise floor level, you can simulate this difference yourself when you tell SD3 to use 16-bit mode at the same volume level.

2) This raised noise floor exacerbates noise in EZX/SDX kits* which is more dependant on the original sampling, not just 2box. You will mostly notice this with noisy sample tails that end abruptly. However this can be combatted using 2box hold and decay settings, which can be set per instrument on a kit, allowing you to tweak this quite well with decay 10 and variable hold length to control the fade out.

3) Use high quality TRS cables or XLR adapters to connect your speakers. Use a DI box for any stage work.

4) Always turn up the volume digitally before analogue on 2box, don't turn the volume dial past 3 o'clock (I feel this is the correct unity gain)

5) Export with SDSE with stereo field intact to save you panning

6) Group cymbals properly so that you always have them below your drums like most mixes in the VST.

Just a few tips.  ;)

If you are unsure between Drumit Three and Five MKII my advice is to buy the Five MKII from a big dealer with an easy return policy, as you are more likely to find issue with the 2box concept compared with a rival module (like the Yamaha DTX-PRO) than you are between the Three and Five MKII.

If you grow to love 2box concept - you'll regret not getting the Five MKII as you'll be hindered by 4GB once you start using SDSE.