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Yep, The MK1 module has a mounting plate and a rod on it that fits to the 2box (old) rack tom clamps.

It sounds like the new plastic mounting plate "rod" is compatible with standard tom mounts. I'll look for those clamps - thanks!
Setup guides and tips / Mounting Di5 Mk2 to Mk1 rack
September 24, 2022, 04:14:20 PM
So...I bought the Di5 Mk2 module and will keep the old Mk1 orange beast + rack hardware. Mk2 module has this strange plastic horn/tube on the backside of the module and does not fit to Mk1 rack clamps. Does anyone know good solution for fitting the module to Mk1 rack?


Iam an owner of 10 year old Drumit5 Mk1 module, rack and combination of 2box snare, toms, ride, and the rest Roland cymbals and pads. All my tom outputs are split for splashes, beeps, effects, etc.  I have used the kit for both practice and gigs.

I love the sounds of the module and rack + 2box pads have taken the beating without issues and I have learned to work around the 2box challenges (using acoustic hi-hat live and switched to Roland kick pad). However - I have gotten slightly frustrated about uneven ride triggering and also thinking of occasional live e-hihat use for better volume control. Also looking for some changes for fun. I did consider Roland TD27 - but it sounds terrible, and Pearl Mimic Pro - but its too pricy. I am thinking whether upgrading to Drumit3 (possibly with card extension) to enable better support for Roland cymbals, or Drumit5, Mk2 is a useful option.

1) Any other Mk1 -> Mk2 (drumit3 or 5) upgraders? Is it worth it?
2) All my cymbals have 1 output currently, but I want to utilize 3 zone cymbals (2 outputs) in future especially for new ride and hihat. In Drumit3, is it still possible to utilize Cymbal inputs A and B to different pads (for those older 1 output cymbals) ?
3) I understood that 2box brand has had recent ownership changes. Have people been able to to get support from the "factory" recently? How is the response?

Thanks again for quick reply.

1) Cooling the signal means what? (sorry for dumb question) - and is there any consequence keeping the piezo hot (other than perceived sound)?

About  2): If the normal angle of hitting the bow is about 30 degrees, when this angle goes close to 0 (stick hits the bow with more surface) the sound is loud. However, after tweaking the Hihat so that the triggering sector is positioned right, and tweaking the cooler nob it got a better.

I recently purchased the Roland Vh-11 and zourman conversion module to overcome some of the hihat issues on legacy 2box kit. Now I have following challenges:

1) Loud bow sound
On hihat the bow sound is more loud than the edge sound with the same stock hihat sounds that had no issues with 2box hihat. This means when i play my normal style on 4/4s: 1s and 3s stick hits more towards edge and 2s and 4s to bow. ..all songs sound like reggae as the 2s and 4s are louder (on last gig Billy Idol's Rebell Yell sounded like never before... ;D) . I already got good advice from Anders to purchase the Dsound manager to lower the volume of bow sound of hihat which worked to some degree, but I'd like to hear other thoughts as well.

2) very loud sound when hittin the stick "horizontally" to bow
When I hit the hihat so that bigger surface than just the tip of the stick hits the bow, the volume of the output is again very loud. This causes strange dynamics while normal playing. Anyone else noticed this and any ideas how to overcome this?

3) What's the function of the bow cooler? I tried to tweak it to overcome the issue 1 with some variation but not a full fix.

4) Have you encountered any issues on sound stability / interference, etc if not tieing HH pedal and bow/edge cables to the hihat pole?

5) What settings are you using for zourman cooler, and UNIT (and which sounds used) for gigging?  ???

Best regards,
Thanks for help!
After Rolandin' for 8 years I moved to 2box. Iam planning to use spare Pd8 pads and cy8 cymbals to trigger some percussions, china, splashes,etc.

However, Iam not able to get a different sound for pd8 rim and head....I did manage to separate the rim and head for 2box pads by accessing them via "more" + pad name key, but for some reason I constantly get the same sound for rim and head for roland pads.

Any hints to make this work?