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This is the settings that i have  :)  now on the pictures , I would be very grateful if someone could help me with this ::)
hey can anyone help me with the settings, i have bought a Mackie1202 mixer and i want to go out with  8 direct channels to the mixer, i want Snare,Kick,Hihat on seperate channels, and even my four Toms on 2 channels  Tom 1-2 Pan hard left on the external Mixer and Tom 3-4 Pan hard right on the external mixer Thats why i like to have to seperate channels for the Toms, I have 4 cymbals
one of them is connected with a Y-splitter cable on Tom4

Toms -2
Cymbals-3 tot 8 Channels   
DKit Manager - K__DrumIt.dkit 2020-02-22 13_22_37 by lars akerman, on Flickr

DKit Manager - K__DrumIt.dkit 2020-02-22 13_22_16 by lars akerman, on Flickr
I try the newest os it was better then the 1.34.10 but still trigger sometimes and it only on cymbal 3
I buy this 2box drumit5 in novemeber last year, it was the 4gig card in the modul, so i buy a extender from Jman so i get 32g
I change the card and its running fine, after that i update to os 1.34.10 for a couple weeks ago and it start trigger on cymb 3, first i think it was xtalk or gain tresh but nothing it still trigger ,
then i take out the extender cable from the modul and try the card in the module without extender same problem,I erased the 32card and keep the copy on my pc , I copy the 4gig card to the 32gig card and test in the module no problem,after that i put back the extender and try the card and i have still no triggering, i put back the copy from the pc on the 32g card and it start trigger, now i know it was somethings with data on the card ,change back to old os and it look until now it not trigger, i hope that was the solution.
I can say that when i update the os in the first place i even put some new kits from BFD3 with SDSE so i thought that was something with the new kits
Hi  i have problem with version 1.34.10 
I get ghost trigger on cymbal 3 it plays even i dont have the cables in the modul from the drumpads
change back to  1.32.4  and its running with no problem