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General 2Box Drumit 3 Forum / Cables for 2A and 2B
September 28, 2022, 12:28:47 AM
I just made new cables for my whole kit.  A 2box Drumit 3 kit

For the ride I used 2 stereo plus and appropriate cable.

When I plug them in I get just the ball sound all over the ride..

I figure then one of the cables needs to be mono? That right?
Thanks Anders. I figured as much.. Still an awesome module.. :)
I have 2 of these 6 pad mulitpad things.

On the first I have TOMS 1, 2 and 3, via a stereo plug. All the pads work as I can assign sounds to the rims.

On the 2nd of the multipads I CYMB 1, 2 and 3, A, Only one sound

I could use the snare and the bass drum and tom 4 I suppose.. Tom 4 is ok but I had plans to add another bass drum pad and pedal. Likewise another Snare pad.

Would be good to get and be able to set the sounds on the different cymb layers... I know I can do it with dSound Manager. But even if I do, the sound is not on the ring.
Quote from: kenjwright on December 30, 2021, 08:10:10 PM
I believe your problem is that the sleeve is the ground. With a stereo cable you should be using tip to one pad and ring to the other to have separate sounds.

Ken.. Just a terminology problem at my end. Tip and Ring I mean. There is no sound on the ring

I made a diy multipad thing with 6 pads., I am sending it CYMB1, CYBM2 and CYMB3... The top 3  A ports for the 3 cymbals. I have a stereo plug in there. When it gets to the pad I spilt the tip off the one pad, and the sleeve off to another. The tip has a sound, the sleeve does not..

This with ANY cymbal I put there. I have a Ride on CYMB2, All i get is the bell sound on one of the pads. There is no sound on the sleeve of the plug..

Dkit Manager does not let you assign sounds to the different layers in a cymbal. But DSound Manger lets you make a cymbal with any wav files you want.
If I run a stereo plug in CYMB 1A and run a cable and spilt it to 2 different pads, how to do I hear one layer on one pad and the another layer on the other pad? Is this possible?
I tried all of the above Anders...

No, I cannot get the raw value to stop in the middle of the range if I move the pedal quickly.

I started with an open raw value of 850, tried 750, 650, 550.. None of these made any difference.

I tried Neg 2, tried all the other options too. Nothing changed it.

The issue is that moving the controller from closed to open, for the first 3rd of the movement up, the module does not register the change.

I could fix this by putting a block under my Hi Hat pedal so it does not go down so far.. But to I really need to do that for a D3 module?

Maybe this is a fault my controller.. Let me of any recommended brands of then and I'll get another.
Layer is set to Var

Cablibation is 968 to 823

Htyp - Def
Pfact - 54
Poff   - 26320

I hope this helps..

Thanks Anders
Exactly.. I get the closed sound then the open sound.. If i am very slow can careful I can get the other sounds and that is the issue. The layers are too squashed together from the controller. Might be a problem with the controller, or there might be a setting for it in the module. i don't know.
With all due respect Anders that is not my problem

Swiss SE 14 has 80 sounds on each layer. I have one sound on each layer.

My problem is i don't hear the layers. It goes from the closed layer to the open one without stopping at the 1 or 80 sounds at the in between layers.
I put a mic at the other end of the room and stood at the far end and said "Two", Then stepped closer and said "Four" the kept going till I said "Fourteen" right next to the mic.

So now i had a range of wavs at different levels.

I used DSound manager to turn then into a hi hat

The dsdn I used is here.

It's easier to tell what is going on with a file like this.

I have turned the thing on the back with a screwdriver. I tried several values..

I would like it such that as soon as I lift the controller at tiny bit, it goes to 4, then 6 etc... Most of the travel should be 14. But the range of lower numbers is squished at the bottom too much

I made a new .dsdn instrument with a range of wav files that say the numbers 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 , 12 and 14.

Then used that to test the open positions on my controller. No wonder it sounds like closed or open with nothing in between.. How to I calibrate this?

I have deleted the video from YouTube..
I worked out the problem. The snare rim on that kit was triggering via midi my Strike Mulitpad.
I 'fixed' this by rebuilding the kit in dKit Manager. Does not explain how it happened.. Not even sure how that is possible.