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Title: ddrum3 and ddrum4 pad compatability
Post by: od1 on November 29, 2021, 11:45:38 PM
Hi all,

I'm considering purchasing either a complete 2box Speedlight kit, or just one of the 2box modules. If I just purchase the module, I was thinking of using some old ddrum3 and ddrum4 tom/snare/kick pads I have (10" and 12" pads), and purchasing hi-hat and cymbal pads separately.

So, I was wondering: does anyone have any experience with using the old ddrum3 or ddrum4 pads with the 2box modules?  Any idea if they will work as good as the Speedlight pads? 

Title: Re: ddrum3 and ddrum4 pad compatability
Post by: welshsteve on November 30, 2021, 12:26:26 PM
I can't say for certain, as I haven't tried the ddrum3/4 pads. But essentially all but the Roland Digital pads work on a similar system, piezo transducers that detect vibration, sent down a cable and the module interprets it. Even the Roland digital pads use piezos, just transferred into the module via USB instead. I know that's a very broad generalisation.

The only thing that might be an issue, is that they might be too hot a signal for the drumit3. But thankfully, the new modules (drumit3 and drumit5 mk2) have a gain reduction.

I honestly think they'll work great. You will have to find the optimum trigger type, adjust the gain, curve and all that stuff. At a guess, Trig PadPP would be my go to.

I do think they're better built pads than the speedlight ones. But a country mile.

Will be interested to find out if you went for it and how it turned out.

Sorry it's not a definite answer.
Title: Re: ddrum3 and ddrum4 pad compatability
Post by: od1 on December 12, 2021, 01:48:54 AM
Thanks for the reply.

The old ddrum pads have the piezo in the center of the pad, with a plate and some foam.  I'm not sure if most other pads in the market have the same design.  Either way, I suspect just a few adjustments would be required in the module and they would work well.   
Title: Re: ddrum3 and ddrum4 pad compatability
Post by: gabo2 on December 30, 2021, 02:24:51 PM
Are your ddrum pads the red ones? Or are they the silver cast aluminum pads?  Since you say the transducer is in the middle of the pad, I'm assuming they are the red and black ddrum pads.

I have the cast aluminum pads set up on my MK2, they work ok. But the original foam surround on the pads was dry rotted, so I replaced it. But I think what I replaced it with was too stiff and possibly the wrong type of foam. So they work ok, but aren't as sensitive as I would like. I need to find some better foam for that purpose.

I haven't tried the red and black pads, but I do have some of those. I could throw one up on my kit just to test. I'm sure they would work ok since the other pads work. I think both pads have the same type of transducer and output.