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Title: Rimshot triggering from Aquarian Onhead/Rimshot
Post by: welshsteve on September 24, 2019, 12:23:07 PM
Just wondering if anyone has an idea about this:
I have an aquarian Onhead plus a Rimshot connected to an inbox. A single TRS cable comes out into the Drumit3 into the snare input. No matter what I do, I cannot get a clean rimshot, just get the centre sound. By which I mean the rimshot sound of that DSDN triggered when I play a rimshot. The PadPS trigger type works fine with normal mesh pad (rim and centre piezo) I have tried the various Trigger types and the only way to get a rim trigger is by setting it to PadPP which gives each an independent trigger, but not that clean rimshot I have gotten used to.
I had the same issue before with a TD15 btw.
Just wondered if anyone knew why?
Title: Re: Rimshot triggering from Aquarian Onhead/Rimshot
Post by: Jman on September 25, 2019, 05:00:14 AM
I think the Aquarian rimShot is a Piezo, so choosing PadPP for the head and Rim for the rimShot would prolly be the right choice. AFA crosstalk between the head and rim: Have you played with the LXTR setting? It can be a little tricky finding the right threshold, Gain, etc. for the head and the rim and then using the LXTR setting on top of that should help to isolate Head/Rim. I've never tried the rimShot, so can't give any direct knowledge of that, but in general the LXTR setting is a specific setting for dialing in the PP pad.

EDIT, Nevermind, the rimShot apparently is an FSR .... so all bets may be off. The FSR is specifically made so it is not triggered by sympathetic vibration unlike a piezo for the rim. Generally rimshot on a mesh piezo/piezo pad is setup to kind of combine the head and rim when you hit the full rimshot..... Honestly you may be better off just adding a single piezo attached to the shell near where you hit the rim (usually the bottom half of the drum shell). Something like a Pintech trigger would prolly work better for that than the FSR.