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Yamaha PCY-100 modifications for 2Box
« on: January 25, 2019, 03:52:00 PM »
I have several modified Yamaha PCY 135 /155 cymbals for 2box. Thanks to Manfred!
I wanted to use a PCY 100 as a Hi Hat with a Jman box but couldn't get it to sound good even with all the usual tricks.

I perform live and need to keep a compact kit with reliable equipment. I like the feel and look of the Yamaha Cymbals and they have never failed even with mods.. The PCY 100 is a 10 inch cymbal that is offset so it plays like a 13 inch hat but takes up less space on the kit and when packing. I use Gen 16 - like foam pads above and below the cymbal on a ball mount for easy positioning and the foam gives a firm feel with a bit of "give" for playability.

Cymbal mods - The PCY 100 is a 3 zone cymbal with choke like the bigger 135/155 but it uses a different circuit board and I don't believe this specific hack has been covered before.
Pull the cymbal apart and disconnect the circuit board like previous Yamaha cymbal mod posts.
1 - Set the bell switch to off
2 - Remove or disable resistor labeled R202 - This is part of Yamaha 3 zone that only works with their brain
3 - Solder Jumper to bypass resistor labeled R101 - this will improve edge response for 2box
Leaving resistor labeled R201 reduces the sensitivity of the bow sound. I found the piezo too hot on this small cymbal so I left it intact. There is no adjustable pot on the PCY 100. but you could probably add one here instead.

4 - setup 2box brain as covered in other posts for Yamaha cymbals.
Hope this helps - Muttley

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