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Alternate Cymbal Mounts...
« on: November 25, 2018, 02:19:04 PM »
Just wanted to share something I discovered this weekend while re-organising my kit slightly.....
I've already posted that the hex arms used for toms and cymbals are the same as 10mm allen keys (and I use a couple of long allen keys as longer reach tom arms on my kit).
I am adding a couple of extra cymbals to my kit, and don't have enough cymbal arms so started looking at alternatives.
I discovered that the plastic 'ball joint' fittings are capable of clamping an M8 bolt quite succesfully (despite being a smaller diameter than the 10mm hex rods), and so I have now created a couple of very small cymbal mounts using a 2Box clamp, a long M8 coach bolt and a locking nut.
I'd already discovered that if you don't want the clamp to be at 90degrees to the rock pole, you can remove one of the countersunk allen bolts holding the two halves of the clamp together and then rotate the sections to any angle you want.
I now have my two main crash cymbals mounted very neatly just above the top of the upright rack poles:

Also - if you find (as I did) that the limited adjustability on the standard cymbal arms prevents you from getting the cymbal angle you want, I suggest a simple 'adjustment' of the arm..... It's only aluminium and you can bend it over your knee to get the required angle  :D