Author Topic: Zourman Drums Hi-hat Conversion Module for ddrum 4 SE  (Read 98 times)


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Zourman Drums Hi-hat Conversion Module for ddrum 4 SE
« on: January 28, 2018, 08:46:43 PM »
Hi best friends!

About 2 months ago I got a my hands on an old ddrum 4 SE module. (Got it from a friend!)

As a spinoff when I got the ddrum 4SE module and also from a couple of requests from customers asking - Can't you develop a hi-hat conversion for Roland hi-hats and the ddrum 4se?

So well...I thought, no problem I can do this and I started the project - however - it was not so easy as I thought and it took me like 100 hours to complete. I am not 100% ready yet but I think it is working ok already - some fine tuning which still remains.


Best Regards

Anders / /

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