Author Topic: My DIY Ludwig Questlove pocket kit a2e  (Read 82 times)


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My DIY Ludwig Questlove pocket kit a2e
« on: January 09, 2018, 05:04:39 PM »

Thought that i would share this with you guys.
So i bought this kit to my kids for xmas present.
Since we live in the apartment house we have no options to play real drums so i just installed mesh heads in to the kit and bought evans soundoff dampers to the cymbals.
I allready had 2box drumit five module at my studio so i decided to bring it home and trigger the whole kit.
Well, it worked but i was afraid that my 4yo son would just hit those triggers so hard that they would break.
So i bought some piezos and started to build it up.

So here are few photos how i did it.

Kick getting it's center bar and trigger:

I didn't want to drill any holes to the shells so i decided to cut a hole to resonant heads and used contact glue to put plate there, where i connected 6.3mm jack

Here is snare getting it's dual piezo's so i can do rimshots too.

Here is 2 photos how the jacks work

And finally whole set

It seems to work great. Little hot spotting on snare but not so overwhelming. Also the rimshots seems to trigger perfectly. Need to play little more to see if it starts to get annoying. Anyway i can easily just move the piezo to the edge if it starts to annoy.

On the kick im much more happier then with trigit triggers. I do lots of triplets and use slide technique so i was having problems with kick doing triggering. Lots of ghost triggering or it just didn't trig at all. I tried every setting and adjusted gains, thresholds and so on but with trigit triggers i didn't get desired results.
Now i just hooked kick to brain, put trigger setting on kick1 and adjusted gain and threshold and it just works as it should be working.

I didnt feel that i need to have dual zones on toms.

Note that my hihat is pocket kits original ride, where i just glued one piezo near the bell and and other cable with mesh(metal etc) closer to the edge. Seems to work nicely too. I get rid of the noise using this underside the cymbal

I have ordered original 2box hihat too but i probably just take that controller board out of it and do something like other members have done to their hihats.
Oh. And the ride is original 2box cymbal.

Thanks for the forum. It had so much helpful information that helped me with this project.
Thats why i decided to share this with you guys.

Keep on  :drum3:


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Re: My DIY Ludwig Questlove pocket kit a2e
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2018, 11:32:56 AM »
Looks nice, great work!