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I have extracted the original 2Box hi hat controller from my hi hat cymbal and mounted it under my footpedal with a magnet. So far so good. But...

After using this for a while I noticed that when the hi hat is in closed position and I play the bow, I get the bow sound. When in closed position playing the bow, then the edge and back to the bow, the controller/module plays the edge sound instead of the bow sound. Only lifting my foot a little and closing it again makes the controller/module play the bow sound again.

Strange enough this only happens in the fully closed position. I can not reproduce this behavior in any other position...

Does anyone have an idea what is going on here?

e-drum DIY / modifications / Hi Hat test dsnd transitions not lineair
« on: February 24, 2019, 09:27:20 PM »
I extracted the original pcb from the original hi hat and mounted it below my footboard and combined it with my low volume hi hat.
While playing I find that the hi hat sensitivity and transitions doesn’t feel linear.
I used 2 different magnets, a strong one and a normal one and different distances from the magnet to the pcb.
I downloaded the hi hat test dand from an old topic and noticed that the different transitions are not equally divided over the total range from open to close.
Going from close to open does trigger zones 10 to 5 quite fast and the remaining transitions are spread over the rest of the range.
For example; zones 10 to 5 are triggered within about 5-6mm of opening the cymbal, while the others 5 (6 to 1)  are spread over  about 20mm.

As I said I did try different magnets and different heights and different open/close widths.

Is this normal behavior or has it to do with my diy setup not being correct?

Hi all,

I want to make some recordings of the pieces I play including video but I don't want to do the editing part afterwards and syncing the video with the audio. So I tried the following setup to record audio and video at once, but I think the audio quality can be improved, but not sure how?

My setup:
2Box -> mono jack from line-out 1 to Steinberg Ur22 mk11 external audiocard -> USB cable to MAcbook pro

On my MAcbook Pro I use Quicktime record audio and video at once but I am not satisfied with the audio quality. The recorded drums seem to sound not as real as they do in my earplugs.

I am open to suggestions or other ways to record but I prefer to record audio and video at the same time. I thought of midi-recording but that would force me to do the syncing etc. afterwards.

Anyone has good ideas or own experiences with recording the audio from 2Box?

Hi there,

I did a conversion from Acoustic to Electric kit with a 2Box module and 2Box Trigit external triggers on Remo Silent Stroke mesh heads.

I wonder if the trigger types and mesh heads used, make a difference in the sound (like quality, velocity, depth etc.) that is triggered in the 2Box?

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