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General 2Box Drumit 3 Forum / Help with Lustark's SDSE
« on: April 02, 2019, 11:24:35 PM »
So I'm trying to "Export" a complete kit from Addictive Drums 2 and all that I am seeing in my "SDSE Sounds" folder are .wav files.

I'm currently in email contact with Luxark, but I was hoping to maybe get some directions from users who maybe had to figure it out as well.

I just want to be able to drag and drop samples of complete kits into the DrumIt3.



Have you seen this?
No, I hadn't seen that before! Going through it now, but one thing I'm kind of stuck at us adjusting the "RAW" value for the hats. In the video, it stated to adjust the value to 850 "with the HH clutch released". Does that mea. Fully released from the rod? Or floating freely, while attached to the rod? Because when I have it fully released and resting with it's full weight on the Controller, I get a value of 940 that I can't adjust.

I don't think that my VH-11 hats are broken, but I am having a hell of a time making them responsive. Anyone have any input on how they should be? I can slowly transition between open/close smoothly, but if I try to do so quickly, it just doesn't even detect it. So playing something like a fancy disco beat, with the hats hitting every "and" of the meter is out of the question. I recently watched a YouTube video where the guy was able to play such a beat, but I can't.

I'm willing to switch over to the 2Box HiHats, if they ate better supported. Any thoughts?

When a signal is generated from a mesh head (or any other trigger source) it's a wave form with peaks and troughs. Depending on the mesh head, dampening, tuned pitech etc, that wave form will differ from other mesh heads and their pitches and damping. So depending on trigger types, that wave form can cause a module to trigger a sounds more than once very quickly. So adjusting mask is telling the module to effectively only trigger the first peak of a wave form but no others in a set time. Other modules will show you the actual time and sometimes call it "retrigger cancel" but it's the same thing.

it would be easier to explain this with a diagram but I hope this helps.
This helps. Thank you very much!

Mask is a retriggering cancel.
Sorry, I'm new to all this. What does that mean, exactly?

For me the mask setting makes my kit playable.
Without it the snare and base keep retriggering constantly.

I also use a few AD2 kits, I love them, they are great.
What exactly is the "Mask" doing?

General 2Box Drumit 3 Forum / Re: DrumIt 3 MKII
« on: March 27, 2019, 03:51:44 PM »
Yes, the OP is wrong. It is a DrumIt Five MK II coming up,

Best regards

Anders /
You. I already get 5 and 3 mixed up, seeing as the 3 came later. I saw this announcement, and the module looks a lot like the DrumIt 3, so it just stuck in my head as being part of the DrumIt 3 line. Oops.

Hi, Here's my thoughts on your questions :

I see similar problems with my VH11 and CY15R.
I also got the floor tom sound and for me it was the snare that triggered that.
With crosstalk on high it solved my problem. (but I have a hybrid kit with internal trigger, no roland pad).

CY14C should have bow and edge when plugged in CYMB xA input.
Do you use CyPS(B) as cymbal type ?

How are your mask settings at the PD105 ? I need quite a lot of mask (mostly 5-6) to cancel retriggers on my kit.

Are you using default sounds ? or imported sounds like Digital drummer ?


I haven't messed with Mask settings really. I'll give those a go. Thanks for the tips! I'll try them out.

And just for dialing purposes, I'm using the built in sounds. But I will be importing sounds from Addictive Drums 2 and some That Sound sample libraries.

So I picked up a Roland TD-20 to use with my DrumIt 3. What I have connected are: PD-105x2 up top, PD-125 for snare and floor, CY-14 for Crash 1 and 2, CY-15r for Ride, KD-8 (working on getting a KD-120, as that is what was supposed to come with the kit) and VH-11 for hats.

VH-11: I went through the Hi-Hat calibration set up and they feel pretty good. But I still dont feel as if I'm really getting a smooth closed to open range. Also, it doesn't seem to easily register quick open hat motions. I play with a lot of hat finess, so this is something I'd really like to figure out.

CY-15r: The Bow and the Bell seem to trigger WAY too easily. I only need to get close to the edge for the ride to "crash" and only need to approach the bell (within an inch) to trigger the bell tone.
Also, it sometimes will just randomly trigger the floor tom. And I tapped all around the rack and on the cymbal stand to if it was cross tall sensitivity, but I couldn't get that to trigger the tom. (Same thing happens with the crash and Hi-Hat at times).

CY-14: These are two zone cymbals, but I am only triggering the edge. Is that normal? Shouldn't I have a secondary tone zone?

PD-105 & PD-125: The main thing here is that these drums sound at times like they are creating a flam signal. Like it's triggering twice in close succession. Mostly when I am playing heavily and am triggering the "Rim" zone.

Anyway, any help would be VERY appreciated.


It will be better. (And less complex) but you won’t get all sound flexibility found directly in AD2.

A hint to make Vh-11 more smooth in AD2 ... there is a small “arrow” sign found in AD2 which brings up a drop down list with two hh choices. (Easy to miss) It is found in and the mapping window on the hi-hat settings. This controls the openness parameter...if it is open at midi pedal level 90 or 128...try this! You have also the pedal sensitivity slider...a lower value will make hh pedal more smooth.

Best regards

Anders /
Wow! Thank you for that tip! I'll give it a shot tomorrow. And I'll still be tinkering with AD2 on my computer, but I just want to pull about 3-5 of my favorite presets from each ADpack, for quick sessions on the kit. Because right now, I'm having to load up the computer, launch Pro Tools and then open a session where I can use AD2 as an Instrument track. And since my computer isn't right next to me, I have to get up every time I change a kit or preset. Heh. Not super convenient--but I'm still loving AD2!.


So I finally got my new eDrums running Addictive Drums 2 on my PC. And for the most part, it feels pretty darn good. Could be better, but very playable. (Biggest issue at the moment is the VH-11. Isn't always super smooth to open).

So should I expect similar latency if I rip and load kits from AD2 onto the DrumIt3? Or will it be better?

it has a midi in so yes ... but is there any advantage in doing this ? Could you explain ?
It would be to easily have access to the module's sounds, settings, loops and learning features--without having to regularily change out the pads between two Modules.

Right now, I have a DrumIt3 and the TD-20 Module that came with my kit. The TD-20 sounds terrible compared to the DrumIt3, but it's so much more user friendly and easy to dive into for a quick practice.

you cant trigger the TD17 via MIDI with your Drumit3 as the TD17 has no physical MIDI input ...

It could be possible by adding a computer +midi interface to route the MIDI out of the Drumit module to the USB/MIDI in of the roland one , but why would someone do this ?
Guess that answers that. How about a TD-30?

So I have a DrumIt3 and was wondering about linking it up to a TD-17 or TD-30 in the future. I'd I were to link up a TD-17, could I access the features of the TD-17, while utilizing the pad inputs on the DrumIt3?

Sorry, I'm new to all of this. I just know that you can link multiple Modules together. Just don't fully understand all the ins and outs.

NO, the USB on the 2Box modules will not do anything to trigger or control VSTs as welshsteve stated earlier. You would run MIDI out of the 2Box module and either MIDI into your computer sound card, or use a MIDI to USB adapter to run to your computer/daw.
Interesting. Is this something unique to 2Box? Or have I just been interpreting things incorrectly in regards to Roland Module videos I've been watching?

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