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General 2Box Drumit 3 Forum / Re: Anyone use Addictive Drums 2 with DrumIt?
« on: February 18, 2019, 03:26:06 PM »
I just went for it and picked up the Addictive Drums 2: Custom XL bundle (it was on sale for $200). I dont play heavy rock or metal, and the sounds of these kits/cymbals are really great so far. I also really like the sound shaping tools that they provide, along with some really nice presets to get started.

Got a lot to load up onto my DrumIt3.

This might be a very stupid question. But seeing as there are ways to rip multi-layer sounds from VST's and export them onto the DrumIt3, are there ways to, say, get kits from an Alesis Strike or Roland TD-20/30 onto the DrumIt3?

General 2Box Drumit 3 Forum / Re: Anyone use Addictive Drums 2 with DrumIt?
« on: February 10, 2019, 05:01:58 PM »
Man, I'm really torn between Addictive Drums 2 and Superior Drummer 3. Superior Drummer 3 really sounds like it packs in a lot for the $400 price. But being able to customize my sample library in Addictive Drums 2 (currently for half that price) just sounds very appealing.

Also, I just haven't heard as many drum tones with Superior Drummer that I really dig. I understand that you have a lot of freedom to manipulate the sound of the room, snares on/off, mallets/brushes, etc, but are there any punchy, not super ringy drum tones? I'm not looking for Metal or heavy rock sounds. I want stuff that would fit into Pop, Alternative, Indie, etc.

General 2Box Drumit 3 Forum / Re: Anyone use Addictive Drums 2 with DrumIt?
« on: February 09, 2019, 01:55:41 AM »
I can give you exact number of unique samples per instrument from my kit:

Hi hat has a range of 24-36 unique samples per zone/openness state

Toms from hi to low : 43, 33, 33, 33 (Here we can see the inconsistency even within one set of toms!)

Snare: 59 head/20 cross-stick

Crashes - 23-26

Ride: 29 bow/20 bell (Although it sounds great, the dynamic range could be better. you can feel it while playing that it could be more dynamic)

That's for AD.

But when it comes to Drumasonic's samples from 2box websiste:

DS Fat Kick - 65 Layers 8)

Some 2box sounds have even 100 layers e.g. Maple 10 snare

I'm not saying it's all about the layers. When the sound is sh*t, even a thousand layers won't make it sound good.
Do you know how many layers Superior Drummer 3 generally uses?

General 2Box Drumit 3 Forum / Re: Anyone use Addictive Drums 2 with DrumIt?
« on: February 07, 2019, 09:40:57 PM »
Well, I can recommend you few kit pieces that I like the most:

Snare - Pearl Reference/Funk

Toms - Ludwig/Blue Oyster

Hi hat - 13 Paiste Heavy/Funk

Ride - 21 Meinl Byzance Dark/Black Oyster

Crashes: 17 Paiste Signature Dark/Studio Prog;
17 Sabian HHX Evolution/Funk
19 Sabian HHX Studio/Studio Rock

For Kick drum I use:
Drumasonic DS Fat Kick sample from 2box website

It's the most versatile kit that I could make from AD. For me these are the most playable sounds. The problem with AD is they the kit pieces differ a lot and the playability may vary drastically. They may sound nice in a groove but here and there you may notice the snares are not so dynamic, the hi hat splashes are abrupt and sound unnatural. The SD is more uniform, all the pieces fit together nicely, it may not be that easy with AD.
Ah, ok. That's good to know. Mostly it will be for home practice and studio production. But yeah, all good points. Thank you.

General 2Box Drumit 3 Forum / Re: Anyone use Addictive Drums 2 with DrumIt?
« on: February 07, 2019, 08:24:55 PM »
I use AD2. I like the black velvet and metal kits. I think they sound better than the factory stuff. I use the Lustar SDSE software to convert and transfer them to the drummit format, library and to the sd card (I have the 32gb conversion from Jman). Very easy to do with my setup. You need a PC for Lustar software since Mac’s aren’t supported. Highly recommend this route.
I have a PC and the components to do the 32GB MOD (just haven't done it yet). Think I might just jump on AD2. The Pop United, Dry and Indie packs seem like a nice mix. Plus you can add packs easily.

General 2Box Drumit 3 Forum / Anyone use Addictive Drums 2 with DrumIt?
« on: February 07, 2019, 02:03:34 AM »
I'm looking into the right VST to expand my sound library. Superior Drummer 3 seems like a top pick, but it's pretty much a base price of $400 (all of which, I can't say I need). However, Addictive Drums 2 has a Custom package that is currently $100. This package allows the buyer to select three sound packages of their choosing (as well as some other MIDI and a la cart instruments). I dont need a ton of sounds, just want a few kits that are more up my alley.

Anyone have a preference about which functions better with a DrumIt module?

General 2Box Drumit 3 Forum / Re: DrumIt 3 MKII
« on: January 26, 2019, 03:36:33 PM »
It's a 2nd generation of the drumit5. No doubt it will list a lot more than a drumit3 so I wouldn't feel too bad about it.
Oops, yeah I noticed that after I watched the NAMM floor demonstration again. That seems like an interesting move to me. Because it really looks like more of a refined DrumIt3. Heh.

Did you notice any other differences besides the outputs and storage increases?

General 2Box Drumit 3 Forum / DrumIt 3 MKII
« on: January 26, 2019, 06:51:28 AM »
Man, 2Box just announced their DrumIt3 MKII at NAMM 2019. This is kind of a blow for me, seeing as I just purchased the previous DrumIt3.

The MKII has 32GB of factory built in storage and has 6 direct lines out (instead of 4). Not a huge deal, but still would be nice to have more lines out. (In terms of memory, the MOD will suffice).

Do you guys have any thoughts or information that you've learned about 2Box at NAMM?

Thank you for the replies, everyone. Will do some research on the Shure in-ears.

General 2Box Drumit 3 Forum / eDrum Specific Headphone Recommendations
« on: January 24, 2019, 04:39:28 AM »
I currently have a pair of Sennheiser HD 280 Pro closed back reference headphones that I use for basic recording. Would these continue to do the trick with my eDrum Kit? Or are there other options that are particularly well suited for that specific application?


Most brands work with the Three.

Have you seen the compability guide from 2box?

There some exceptions. The ATV Ad-h14 hh don’t work (but there are solutions for this :-)) ...but all ATV cymbals work great.

Best regards

Anders Gronlund /
Thank you for the reply. I figure that if I stick with Roland, I should be safe. Was just wondering if anyone had any personal experiences with other brands that happen to be good alternatives to Roland.

I'm still looking to piece together a kit to accompany my DrumIt3. I've obviously been mostly eying Roland (PD105, PD125, KD120, CY14C, CY15R and VH12), but I'm wondering about other brands that function well with the Module. I know that the Strike Pro kit is kind of a mixed bag. I'd go that route if I wasnt so unsure about quality. Heard a lot of issues relating to nearly every pad.

But anyone have some positive recommendations that maybe aren't Roland? I'm just hoping to expand horizons.



I think the function of PS could be incorporated in a easy way...(to get the triggers to react on the position hit on the drum) but the hard part is that you need to redo all sounds. It is like adding a new dimension to the sounds. First you need to sample the drum (could be up to 128 velocity layers) and the you need to add up to 128 position layers of sound. In the best of world you need 16384 hits of samples to create on drum...but not even Roland have this or are even close in their PS solutions.

Best regards

Anders /
It would be a really cool addition to the software, at least. For someone who would like to record their own sounds, in some cases with snares and various ride cymbals, it would be great if the software went further into zones around the pad/instrument. So when recording you just made sure to do you velocity recording within those areas.

Either way, not a huge deal. Just curious.


I'm new to all of this. In my research I've only seen it really advertised from Roland. But given the seemingly open nature of the DrumIt 3, with a compatible pad, is position sensing possible? Or is it only something you can do with a Roland Module, Roland supplied samples and a Roland pad?

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