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A new version of SDSE is available

  • Samples: option to fit the maximum limits by removing samples evenly instead of checking samples (to minimize gaps in velocities)
  • SD3: fix to export kit pieces from a different SDX when loaded in a kit that doesn't contain any pieces from the current SDX
  • SD2: fix to avoid exporting Mute for cymbals when it's not selected - thanks to Joackim for reporting this
  • EZD2: support for Modern/Vintage version 1.1.0 (new mapping and fixed instrument names for certain kit configurations)
  • SD2/SD3: added Disable Humanize option in Options/Advanced (moved from SDSE_SD.ini, enabled by default)
  • updated default settings for the Alesis Strike profile (click Reset  in Options to get the new default settings) - thanks to Siren from SiREN-DRUMS

New version of DrumIt Manager

This version supports the NVDA screen reader for accessibility to the blind and visually impaired.

  • channel faders are linked correctly when assigning them to different groups - thanks to Ed A. for reporting this
  • Copy to Folder: option to allow duplicate dsnd among the exported kits ("Uniques" to avoid duplicates, "Everything" to export each kit independently for backup purposes) - thanks to Chris S. for the idea
  • Copy to Folder: fixed issue when copying a single kit without a title - thanks to Chris S. for reporting this
  • Unit •••: added HType (DrumIt Three)
  • Report: added zone and layer information for .dsnd flagged with "CHECK"

Accessibility improvements - thanks to Cody for all the feedback
  • DKit Manager and DSound Tuner can be used with the NVDA screen reader.
  • F1 to F6 to select the main tabs (Kit •, Kit ••, Layout, Unit •, Unit ••, Unit •••)
  • F7 to select the first of the other tabs, F8 to select the last tab
  • Kit and Unit: press Page Up/Page Down to select the previous/next Pad (or group of setting for Unit •••)
  • Kit: press Enter on any setting to preview the sound, press Enter on the kit name to preview the kit.
  • Kit: Up/Down on instrument names: select previous/next dsnd
  • press Up/Down on any up-down setting to increase/decrease the value
  • the preview keys (X, C, V, S, D, F, G, E, R and T) can be used on the Layout tab
  • press Alt + one of the preview keys (X, C, V, S, D, F, G, E, R and T) to hear the second rim zone for 3 zone snare, edge for cymbals or foot splash for the HiHat

A new version of SDSE is available

  • support for the Drums Of Destruction and Custom Shop EZX2 - thanks to edcito
  • SD2 accessibility: menu to select all options when loading presets with F10, Load/Save
  • SSD5: fix to export some of the 14" toms, added percussions, hihat foot splash and chick - thanks to Siren from SiREN-DRUMS and Andrew for the feedback
  • new default settings for the Alesis Strike profile - thanks to Siren from SiREN-DRUMS
  • Drum Module profile with settings for the Alesis DM10 MKII
  • Samples: options to set different minimum/maximum/length for the most open hihat articulations
  • option to add velocity to wav filenames (Options > General > Filenames: add velocity)
  • option to remove brand name from instrument names (Options > General > Filenames: Brand: remove)
  • option to fit hihat articulations by removing from the first open articulation
  • fixed abbreviations for some brand names

Accessibility keys:
  • F9:   focus on the VST list and jump to the next available VST
  • F10:   Superior Drummer 2 or Addictive Drums, open a menu or access preset menu
  • F11:   Superior Drummer 2 or Addictive Drums, open a menu to select kit pieces
  • CTRL + F11: Superior Drummer 2 preview selected piece

Great! thanks for the feedback :)

Hi, did it produce .dsnd files when exporting with SDSE? It shouldn't be necessary to load wav files in the 2box Editor when exporting VST sounds, you should find .dsnd files in the "SDSE Sounds" folder.

If you found .wav files in the destination folder it's possible that Java is not installed and the sounds were not converted to .dsnd. This should fix it:
- uninstall all versions of Java from the computer.
- install Java 64-bit

I would check the dsnd files you created from wav using the 2box Editor by inspecting them with DSoundTool or playing them in the 2box Editor or DKit Manager (click from left to right on pad buttons to preview the different layers). If you find the same delay it's possible that they were created using wav files containing all layers and it would explain the 1 second silence. When using the Render button instead of the Export button that's normally used to export from VSTs it produces a wav file for each articulation, that can be edited if needed or converted to dsnd with the convert button or with DSoundTool. It's possible to use Render to produce individual wav files for each layer by checking "split" in SDSE Options > Render. But if you just want to export from EZ Drummer 2 to the 2box the Export button is the way to go. It should produce dsnd files that can be copied directly to the DrumIt module.

I hope that helps, don't hesitate to send a mail if I can be of any help with my programs.

For addictive drums 2 the mapping is saved with the reaper project so it's important not to change it (and to avoid saving the project when closing reaper). I would close reaper and run the SDSE installer again to make sure the project wasn't modified, it should fix it. I'll send you the map file just in case. Please tell me if it didn't work.

General 2box Drumit 5 forum / Re: new kit
« on: December 01, 2018, 06:22:26 PM »
Hello Aad,

There are several kit bank files, make sure to edit the one you use:
DrumItInit.dkit (to restore to factory defaults)
DrumItRub.dkit (rubber heads)
DrumItTrig.dkit (acoustic triggers)

You can press More+Kit for 2 seconds to access the menu to change to a different kit bank.

Is it the same card reader on the laptop and on the PC? Does it do the same if you load the sounds from the SSD or from a different SD card reader?
Did you try disabling the anti virus temporarily?
Did you try unplugging all USB peripherals and closing all other programs? (like an audio configuration program from the default sound device or unplugging the USB DAC even if it's not selected)
Does it work when playing the sounds with DSoundTool or DKit Manager?

Edit: Is there any 5.1 or surround feature on the laptop? If the audio device is set to 5.1 try stereo.

There's a chance if more people request it but the good news is that you can already export from it semi-manually by setting the mapping to Superior Drummer in Perfect Drums. It's possible to export this way from any drum VST even if it's not supported, it's described in the SDSE manual in "Exporting from unsupported VSTs" here. I'll send you a message with more details.

A new version of SDSE is available

This version adds support for Steven Slate Drums 5.
It also works with SSD5 Free which is a fully functional demo that contains a full kit.

  • support for Steven Slate Drums 5 - thanks to edcito and Chris S
  • SSD5, SSD4: support for the David Bendeth and Terry Date expansions
  • accessibility: when NVDA screen reader is running SDSE will use it for all status messages
  • accessibility: improved F9, F10 and F11 menus for SD2
  • GetGood Drums Halpern: fixed setting Halpern mapping with Kontakt 6 and the latest GGD Halpern version. Make sure to use the PIII checkboxes to export the PIII pieces
  • GetGood Drums Modern & Massive: added checkbox to export the Mega Bell Ride

Hi Matthias, it's coming very soon!

A new version of SDSE is available

This version adds support for Kontakt 6.
To use Kontakt 5 you can add it to the project like this (or send me a message and I'll send you the file)
- open Reaper with the SDSE project
- click Add near the bottom/left of the Docker window and add Kontakt 5 to the list
- remove Kontakt 6 from the list
- save the project as SDSE_kontakt5.rpp

  • support for Kontakt 6
  • fixed detecting Abbey Road in Kontakt
  • SD3: fixed issue when exporting on smaller screen resolution (1366x768)
  • Pearl Mimic: normalize to -6dB to match the stock sound library (with default settings when Maximize is enabled)

New version of DrumIt Manager
  • DSound Tuner: the new Max Tune can be previewed (check the box to preview the maximum tuning, uncheck to preview with the default pitch)

A new version of SDSE is available
  • Convert can be used for modules other than the 2box DrumIt (it allows to processs samples with the Convert settings and apply length limits)
  • added Roland TM-6 Pro settings profile (same as TD-50 for now)
  • fixed exporting PIII ride from GetGood Drums Halpern
  • fixed default Pedal Closed setting for the DrumIt profile

A new version of SDSE is available

This version adds support for GetGoodDrums Modern & Massive Drums (with Halpern mapping)

New settings profile for the Roland TD-17 (similar WAV samples capabilities as the Roland TD-50 with less memory)

  • support for GetGoodDrums Modern & Massive Drums - thanks to Chris
  • improvements when exporting from GetGoodDrums Halpern
  • fixed issue when building .dkit with custom kit layout
  • added Roland TD-17 settings profile - thanks Jman

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