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Thanks Roel. It was a sad day to see the kit go......but the bloke who brought it seems a real aficionado of all Clavia drums, and already owns a 2 and 3. So it goes to a good home. ;D

Funnily enough - I was watching Top of the Pops 2 last night, (BBC music programme) and Madonna was on there, with Steve Siedelnyk (spelling???) drumming for her..........using the ddrum4  with Cast Precision pads. It looked, (and sounded) great.


DDRUM 4SE Sold..... ;D

Boom theory still hanging around at a £1.00 There is actually one watcher for it at the moment.  :o

I guess it would break down into decent spares.....


Hi Roel,

I will see how the auction goes. It might sell better as a module and 5 pro drum trigger option, which would leave the cast precision pads and cymbals as the other option.


Hi Roel,

They are beautiful drums, (as we know) and sound so brilliant, (as we also know). Perhaps the people in ebay world don't know what a ddrum4se is, and how good it is.

Oh well see what happens with it now. Its sad that a great kit is not being played - you know?

After 35 years of drumming I am having a major de-clutter. I am sticking with my Yamaha Recording Custom, old vintage Zildjian et Cie cymbals, and a small pro tools recording studio at home..


Bump.....No bids, so price lowered and re-listed for £400, or buy it now at £560.

I would have thought this was excellent value for money? Maybe I am out of touch, but I have seen ddrum 4se modules on their own for £350, professional triggers for £40 each, and you get all this plus the cast pads and cymbals and tube for £560??

Oh well if it does not shift this time I might give it to a local school and get some feel good factor out of helping other kids the opportunity to play a really good kit.

Hi Roel,

Thanks for the post. No - the Smarttrigger was not as good as the cast ddrum hi hat. It was not bad, it looked great, but the cast precision was really a great trigger and much better.

If I did not have the cast hi hat I could have lived with the smart trigger, but it would not have been as good imho.


Hi All,

Just to let you know I am selling my ddrum4se and pro ddrum triggers over on ebay. Please see;

And also Boom Theory Space Muffins. Please see;

Thanks for reading and appreciate it if you bid etc.

Best wishes.

Private - for sale / wanted / Boom Theory Spacemuffin Drums
« on: April 30, 2012, 12:24:12 PM »

I have a 22" x 14" Bass Drum, 13" x 10" Tom and 14" x 5.5" Snare drum. All in Red Sparkle Lacquer, (apparently the same lacquer supplier who supplies DW). The snare and tom are both dual trigger, (ie Rim and Skin). They work well with my ddrum4se and Roland TD20 Modules, although triggering is only over 12.5" of the snare (for Roland modules as that is the "range" the operate over apparently).

Open to Offers from UK buyers??

Here is a link to Boom Theory -

Also a pair of Smarttrigger 14" Hi Hats, (with controller box for ddrum4se).

Open to offers from UK buyers??

Please PM me or whatever - I am having a major clear out of gear as I have gone back to acoustic drumming in my studio.

The DDrum Legacy / Re: To indentify...
« on: November 30, 2011, 02:45:48 PM »
I have the ddrum4se and cast hi hat, and you do need a stereo cable for it to work.

The DDrum Legacy / Re: ddrum4 cast precision kit.
« on: June 14, 2011, 06:33:47 PM »
I have been playing the ddrum4se cast pads, but with Sabian Cymbals and I must admit it is a great feel and sound and (I think) about as realistic as you can get to an acoustic kit.

So I am thinking 2Box Drumit5 pads, (but with normal drum heads - or the rubber position sensing ones when they are available), and real cymbals might be a winning combination.

I don`t know about you guys, but having played mesh heads for about three or four years, (and good as they are - and essential for some quiet practice situations) I have noticed a sharp decline in my "gig fitness" and ability to jump back onto an acoustioc kit and just play it - Now with the ddrum4se I played that for maybe four years, and didn`t notice any shift in playing it or acoustic drums.....Which is why I am thinking 2box with normal skins, or 2Box with the cast precision pads.

Hey ddrum4se, yeah I did see that and I implemented it - thanks, it's been really helpful - but I still have to vet the registrations (and wade through the emails the server sends me everytime!).

Maybe the orange colouring attracts the cretins in greater numbers :)

Yeah - that`s true. We have 8 admins to share the load, but it still takes a lot of time and effort to keep them out.......

Some register and spam within the first minute of being in the community......a real pain! 

Great news!! :D

General 2box Drumit 5 forum / Re: Future of the company?
« on: May 14, 2011, 06:36:29 PM »
Oh please dont say that - I have been playing my old ddrum4se a lot recently, and not the TDW20 I have......and feel the ddrum4 is as close as you can get to playing an acoustic kit, without the noise. I have not tried the 2Box, but have read here it is better than the ddrum4, so I see I will get one eventually.

So I hope for their continued success, and if there are difficulties, for goodness sake, lets hope the other edrum module makers hire Bengt so these sounds can be incorporated into those modules.


Not sure you can get a drummer who is human......but.....I mentioned on the spammer thread, that I am an admin at another forum, and we check the IP address and user name against Stop Forum Span - if they don`t pass, we zap them straight away - I guess you do something similar, but just mentioning it in case it helps.

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